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"Just to keep the government honest" -Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Why should there be a revolution in government every 20 years?
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Why did Thomas Jefferson ask in so many words Their should be a revolution in government every twenty years?

because he was a man with a large vocabulary range.

Did Thomas Jefferson believe that rule by the wealthy class was best?

He didn't believe that at all. He believed that a small rural society was best and that every few years there should be a revolution. When he was alive the country was 90% farms and he was a plantation owner, so for him a large federal government would intrude on rights.

Did Thomas Jefferson believe in an agrarian commonwealth?

Yes he did. When he was alive 90% of the US was farms and he took that thinking along with his readings of the enlightenment thinkers to have a philosophy concerning government. He was a pure revolutionary in much of his thinking and believed that to maintain the proper balance in government that a revolution should take place every few years.

What limited responsibility did Jefferson believe government should have?

Jefferson believed the national government should be limited to delivering the mail, collecting customs duties, and conducting a census every 10 years.

How is the Netherlands government elected?

It is elected by democracy, i.e., the public vote every 4 years to decide who should be in power.

What does the sun accomplish every 200 million years?

It completes an entire revolution.

When Every ten years what is taken by the federal government?

The census is taken by the federal government every ten years to count the population and gather demographic information.

Is there a peaceful way to change government in Cuba?

No. It is a communist government for the last 60 years and it would take a revolution to move away from the communist government.

When will Pluto make one revolution around the sun?

Every 248 earth-years.

Who fought in the glorious revolution?

The glorious revolution was fought between the monarchy of England and its people. It was a bloodless revolution. During this time, England was trying to figure out what type of government would be best suitable for them. In the end, Parliament picked William of Orange and Mary to become king and queen of England. They had to sign a sort of a treaty allowing the Parliament to come to the monarchy every three years. The government that England had with William and Mary was constitutional monarchy which was power given to the government and the Parliament.

What government did Russia have before the revolution?

Before it was overthrown in 1917, Russia's government had been an unlimited monarchy for nearly two thousand years.

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