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One reason Washington D.C. was created is because Congress needed a permanent place to meet instead of going to a different spot every time.

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Washington is not known as a planned city anywhere. For some reason, if it were to be known as such, it is most likely a "planned city", because it is the location of the White House.

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Q: Why was Washington DC a planned city?
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What is the 1st planned city of north America?

Washington, DC

Who was president when they started to plan the city of Washington DC?

George Washington was in charge when the capital city was being planned.

What was the original capital of Washington D.C.?

Washington DC was always planned to be the capital of the US. The entire district is a single city.

Who was the president when Washington DC was planned?

John Adams

What is the city of Washington DC?

Washington DC is the capital city of the US, it does not have a capital city.

Who was the person that planned Washington DC's Streets?

Pierre L'Enfant.

How many counties are in Washington DC?

there are no counties in Washington DC because Washington DC is a city itself.

In what city is the white House is located?

The white house is in the city of Washington , DC.

First planned city in the nation?

Wahsington, DC

What are major cities of Washington D.C.?

Washington, DC is a city. DC represents the name District of Columbia. Washington is the name of the city.

In what city was incorporated the National Geographic Society?

Washington, DC

What is the the capital of the US?

Washington DC is the capital city of the USA.