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Black History month was introduced by Carter Woodson, it was at the time referred to as Negro History Week 1926. It later became Black history month after Woodson's death. Anyway Negro history Weed was introduced because Carter Woodson saw that African-American history was missing from the textbooks, it was being forgotten. Woodson didn't want African-American history to be completely forgotten, so he introduced Negro history Week so that it can be remembered for it special achievements.

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Q: Why was black history month introduced?
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When is Black history month in Canada?

What Month is Black history month in Canada

What month is black history celebrated?

Black history month is about the people that fought our right such as discrimination, civil rights, prejudice ,and racism.

Is Will Smith in black history month?

Is he black than yes anyone whos black is in black history month

What year was negro black history month turned into black history month?


Why do you have black history month?

we have black history month to remember the hard times for the blacks.

How many days are in black history month?

There are 28 in February since it is Black History month.

When was Black History Month - song - created?

Black History Month - song - was created in 1979.

Who established black history month?

Carter G. Woodson Established Black History Month

Is it black history mouth?

Black history month is in February.

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Who invented black history month?

The person that invented Black History Month is Carter G. Woodson.

What is Black History month basically meant for?

Black History Month is for remembering all of our African-American heros