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yes .

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Q: Why was corn considered a Life Giver?
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Why oxygen considered the giver of life?

Oxygen is considered the giver of life because it is essential for cellular respiration, the process through which cells generate energy. Without oxygen, our cells would not be able to produce the energy needed for basic physiological functions, ultimately leading to cellular death and the inability to sustain life.

What is the Cherokee name for life giver?

The Cherokee name for "life giver" is ᎠᏂᏔᏂᏏᏂ (Anitanvsi).

How can you be life giver?


In the giver by Lois Lowry what 2 things did the committee consider when giving children their life assignments?

In "The Giver," the Committee looked at the child's interests and abilities when assigning their life roles. They also considered the needs of the community and how each child could best contribute to society.

What does The Giver share of his personal family life The Giver?

that he had the same life as jonas, with losing his time with his friends, family, etc. he ad to deal with the struggle

Is corn consider a plant?

Yes, corn is considered as a plant.

Where does the giver say his life is?

The Giver says his life is in the past, as he holds the memories of the time before the community eliminated pain and suffering.

What was known as The Giver of life?

the nile river

What the Nile is also called the what?

The giver of life.

Is corn considered to be a good carb or considered to be a bad carb?


In the giver what does the giver call music?

The Giver refers to music as "noise" because it is considered a foreign concept in the community where emotions and creativity are suppressed, and art forms like music are not recognized or understood.

What is a synonym for Indian giver?

The term "Indian giver" is considered offensive. A synonym could be "one who reneges on a promise or gift."