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there was no water in many tenements.

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Why was it hard to do laundry in the tenements?

Laundry was hard to do in tenements because, in many cases, there was no clean running water accessible.

Why was it hard to laundry in tenements?

there was no water in many tenements.

Why is it hard to do laundry in tenements?

Laundry in tenements can be difficult due to limited space for washing machines and drying areas. Additionally, shared laundry facilities can be crowded, increasing competition for machines and time. Limited ventilation and lack of maintenance can also lead to issues with cleanliness and functionality.

A lack of running water-in the tenements made it extremely difficult to do what?

do laundry

What made doing laundry difficult in tenements?

Carrying and heating the water

Why was is it hard to do laundry in tenements?

Laundry was difficult in tenements because there were typically no washing machines, running water, or adequate space to dry clothes. Tenants had to manually wash clothes by hand, haul water from a communal pump, and find a place to dry their clothes, often in cramped living areas or shared outdoor spaces. These challenges made laundry a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for tenement residents.

How are tenements described?

Tenements can be described as poor people.

Can you use lysol in laundry?

It is not recommended to use Lysol in your laundry as it is a disinfectant meant for hard surfaces, not fabrics. Instead, consider using laundry detergent and following the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfecting your laundry.

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