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106. Why America Was Named for Americus Vespucius. The New World should have been named for (See map) Columbus, and it is, sometimes, called the "Land of Columbia." History, however, takes the name of this fair country from one who, probably, least deserved it- Americus Vespucius.

It is not certain how many voyages he made to this country, when he made them, where he made them, or that he ever commanded an expedition. Why then should he be honored by having his name given to America?

It is said that Vespucius coasted along South America as far south as Brazil. He wrote letters telling his friends very fully about what he had seen. He declared that the regions he saw went far beyond any parts of the Old World in animals, plants, and men, and that the climate of these regions was better than anything he had ever known.

The printing press spread this story of Americus. One day a professor of geography in what is now France proposed that this new region, which Americus described so fully, be called "Amerige." The suggestion was taken up, and after a short time that name was applied to the whole of the New World.

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Q: Why was the newly discovered continent called America rather than Columbia?
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When did Columbus discovered America?

Christopher Columbus is generally credited with discovering America in 1492. It was his voyages that began the European expansion into and control over the American continents.

What was the former name of the US?

When Christopher Columbus, discovered America, he thought he had discovered India, that's why the Native Americans are now called Indians, and the Caribbean states are called the West Indies. Native Americans originally discovered the lands of the United States. After the British invaded America they called it the Thirteen Colonies of The States Of America - back then they were not United. (If you left Maine to go to New Hampshire or even New York, you had to trade in your money. It was like leaving an entire country.) After the British and the New Americans had fought the American Revolution they were told that they still could not have the land. They had to sign the Treaty of Paris in order to get the land from King George II. After the Treaty of Paris was granted, the new Americans started the Declaration of Independence and they began writing the Constitution. Once they were both done, they changed the name to The United States of America.

What happened in history in 1491 in North America?

In North America, nothing. Columbus has been said to have discovered 'America" in 1491, but that was basically only the Caribean islands and a few spots on the coasts of Middle and South America. The (east) coast of North America was first mapped and explored in 1497 by an expedition financed by a British/Welsh merchant called Richard Amerike.

What was the first state discovered or made in the US?

Florida was the first state to be discovered in 1512 by Ponce de Leon from Spain. Although it was of course not a state yet when it was discovered. Dont get confused with Jamestown Virginia which was the first to become an English colony but that wasnt until the 1600s when it was discovered.

What was the new union in the south called?

the United States of America or if you mean what the south called them selves thatd be the Confederate States of America

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Why was the newly discovered continent called the US rather than Columbia?

The continent has never been called 'the US.' The continent is North America. North America has three countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

Why was America called America instead of Columbia?

Because the person who discovered America was Amerigo Vespucci. What Christopher Columbus Discovered was that the world was round. Plus there is already a Columbia it's a country in South America

Who was the first man to realize that Columbus discovered a new continent?

Columbus did NOT discover America. He found an island he called Hispaniola and never made it to America. It is a fable that he discovered it.

Is South America Country or a Continent?

South America is considered by some to be a continent and by others (like me), the southern part of the continent called America.

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The USA is a country - its continent is called North America

America why is it called America?

America is called "America" because it was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci

Why is it called America America?

America is called "America" because it was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci

Why was the country called America and not Columbia?

the country was named America and not Columbia because later in the 16th century Amerigo Vespucci founded America

What was the US called before it was discovered?

Before it was discovered, the US, and America as a whole, had no collective name - because it was not known to the Europeans. The natives did not bother with a name for America because they were more concerned with their territory and the lands claimed by neighboring peoples than with mapping the continent.

What was North and South America called before it was discovered and called America?

The indies

Why are you called America?

Because I or I should say WE come from the Continent America.