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Native American's were NOT moved onto reservations in the great plains in the early 1800's, it was the late 1800's.

They were moved there for the same reasons they were always pushed into these areas; the US Government and its people wanted their land and its Natural Resources.

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white settlers discovered gold snd silver in land already set aside for native americans

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white settlers viewed this land as unusable and far away

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Q: Why were Native Americans moved to reservations on the great plains in the early 1800s?
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What was the policy regarding Native Americans and citizenship?

During the early 1800s Study Island:Native Americans were not allowed to become U.S. citizens.

Which Statement best describes how western expansion in the early-to mid-1800s impacted Native Americans living in the Southeast?

.Most Native Americans were no longer crowded from their land by white settlers.

How did the us army affect the Native americans in the west?

The Native Americans were considered a foreign nation to the United States and the US Army fought them in the last quarter of the 1800s in order to use their lands for westward expansion.

Why did the Native Americans hate the Americans in the 1800s?

Americans took Native American lands away from them and forced them to move west to the worst lands. They took Native American children away from their parents and put them in schools taking away the Native American languages and culture. They gave them blankets infected with small pox which killed thousands.

What are facts about the Native Americans of The Great Plains?

Five facts about the Plains tribes:The true Plains tribes were nomadic and grew no crops of any kind. The one exception were the Crows of south central Montana, who grew a specific type of tobacco that was never used for smoking - it had religious significance and was only used in certain ceremonies and in medicine bundles.The Plains tribes depended mainly on two animals - the horse and the buffalo (bison).The Plains culture only existed because of the re-introduction of horses to the Americas by white people. The Plains culture was also destroyed by white people in the late 19th century.Each tribe spoke its own different language, so communication was mainly by use of an extensive and expressive sign language. This could enable long, silent conversations to be conducted even at a distance.The Plains tribes either moved into the Plains after acquiring horses, from the eastern woodlands area (as in the case of the Lakota, Cheyenne and Assiniboin) or from the far north (as in the case of the Plains Cree, Comanche and Sarsi).

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Why did the Native Americans fight against the US in the Plains Indian Wars during the late 1800s?

they wanted their land back

What were some of the causes of the plains war of the middle and late 1800s?

the main reason was because of the governments descison to try to move the native Americans to a different land called the reservations. It would make more land available for new settlers. The native Americans refused so the war broke out to fight over the black hills. If they were forced out of their homes they would have a lot less food because the buffalo aren't in that area. They didn't want to leave their home land the native Americans lost most of the battles of the plains wars

How where the plains Indians nearly destroyed?

Like most Native American tribes, the plains tribes were nearly destroyed by disease. The Native Americans had no resistance to upper respiratory infections like influenza. As soon as first contact was made with the Europeans, depopulation of the Native Americans started. Some research suggests that the Native Americans were depopulated by as much as 90% by the late 1800s.

How were the experiences of native Americans and hawaiians in the 1800s different?

The experiences of Hawaiians and Native Americans in the 1800s were similar in that they both had to deal with oppression

Why did Americans think cattle ranches on the great plains were not practical in the 1800s?

Americans didn't think that cattle ranches were practical on the great plains because the cattle had a hard time surviving. The great plains were dry and there was not a lot of grazing land in the 1800s.

What was the largest North Americans tribe in the great plains in the 1800s?

the Lakota tribe

Average age at death of native Americans in 1800s?


Where were the native Americans when the westward expansion happened?

I hope this kinda helps... Well, most Native Americans (including the Plains Indians) were forced onto reservations as a result of western exploration. This began during the Jacksonian era (Cherokee tribe, Georgia, Trail of Tears) and continued throughout the 1800s. While some tribes did what they were told and moved onto small reservations and became farmers, some of the Plains Indians fought back. A big think for the Americans was to "civilize" these Native Americans - the Americans thought that they needed to teach the Native Americans to farm, and settle and live the "proper lifestyle." Obviously, the Plains Indians just wanted to live their lives according to their traditions and customs. Two major things that really hurt the Plains Indians was the Wounded Knee Massacre (and all the other battles in which the Americans were able to dominate using guns vs. primitive weapons) and the Buffalo Bonanza that began with Western Expansion. While the Native Americans killed buffalo based on need and used every part of the buffalo for different purposes, the Americans got into buffalo hide (making clothes/etc out of it) and would kill them for sport. Buffalo Bill is a famous hunter who killed tons of buffalo in such a short amount of time that he depleted the buffalo population significantly and the Plains Indians were one of the groups that suffered. So basically, the Plains Indians were more stubborn in giving up their lifestyle and unfortunately paid the price with their lives.

Did people have plains in the 1800s?

they did not have plains back then in the 1800s

Does the US Government currently have any treaties with the Native Americans?

Several. Why do you think they don't pay federal or state taxes, state law enforcement agencies have no jurisdiction on reservations, etc? Many of the treaties drafted in the 1800s are still binding.

In the early 1800s most nomadic native Americans lived where?

In the early 1800 most of the nomadic native Americans lived in the present day North Carolina.

During the early 1800s some Americans hesitated to settle the great plains which name for the great plains helped cause this hesitation?

the great American desert