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The U.S. Settlers were mean to the Native Americans and forced them to move to reservation land where there was no buffalo to hunt and the hunters would have to move out of the reservations to hunt for the buffalo for food, clothing and tools. Long ago before the U.S. Settlers came to America, the Native Americans would follow the buffalo where ever they go to hunt for the things they will need to survive because the buffalo was their sacred animal

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Q: Why were many Native Americans on the east coast reluctant to move west?
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When did Native American hold the largest amount of land?

The Native Americans held the largest amount of land meant power. This was near the East coast.

Why affect did European settlement have on Native Americas of the east coast?

Native AMericans had to leave their home land and move onto reservations and compleatly change their way of life.

Are Native Americans Greeks?

Native Americans are not Greek, but came from East Asia.

What is the Treaty of Augusta?

The Treaty of Augusta was the treaty that the Native Americans and European colonist that gave the Navites land west of the fall line and Europeans the east coast.

What were negative effects on Native Americans of their alliance with the europeans?

the first nations lost their culture,languages,identities,and land. they also became ruled and became servants

Which Native American peoples settled in the south east region?

the native americans

Four similarities among the three sections of colonial America?

all oldest settlements in America All on the east coast discovered by the English stolen from the native americans

What did ponce De Leon encounter?

Ponce de Leon encountered Native Americans on the East Coast of what is now Florida, and died of his wounds in 1521. Hope i helped you ;))

What native Americans lived in east?

ugly ones

Did the natives teach the new settlers how to make teepees?

No. The Native Americans on the East Coast did not live in teepees, but longhouses. They didnt wear head dresses or ride horses either.

How did the arrival of European settlers on the east coast of North America impact the Native Americans and how was each colonial region a reflection of its colonists including the impact of slavery?

very much

Are the Arab people Native American?

No. Native Americans originated in America, and Arabs in the Middle East.