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The Hohokams were referred to as brilliant engineers because of the complex and magnificent system of irrigation canals they created to survive the dry desert.

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Q: Why were the Hohokam referred to as brilliant engineers?
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Do the Hohokam and the Pueblo live together?

These two cultures do not currently live together. The Hohokam are often referred to as the Ancient Pueblo, as they lived in Pueblo territory before the modern Pueblo did.

What did the hohokam wear?

The Hohokam wore buffalo sheets

What did the hohokam tribes wear?

The Hohokam wore buffalo sheets

What did the hohokam and the pueblos have in common?

ancestral pueblo make home like hohokam

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What did the hohokam belieave in?

the hohokam belieaved in many things, for example they liked to have it big and hard.

Why did the Hohokam Indians live in Arizona?

the Hohokam started to live in Arizona on 1774 on may 2th

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How were the Pueblo like their ancestors' the Hohokam?

The farmed like both the hohokam and the anasazi so that's how they were alike

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The Hohokam didn't have any electronic back then in A.D/B.C so yes they actually had to go and take a bucket and take back to their village. HOHOKAM!<3

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