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It was unpopular because if the King does not has any natural heir but he has his brothers or another person in his family then the king would like to give his territry to them after his death.


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this was a law made by the British govern er dalhousie in .this stated that if the emperor of any state does not have natural heir or he did not rule well and died . the area of that particular emperor and property,inheritance would be given to the british this was unpopular among the people of India because this was a trick by the british which minimizing the rule of the Muslim and hindus this law was giving british the advantage of extending their empire .slowly and steadily by this law british had full control on India in 1833 .people of the subontinent were very sad and upset after this law was passed

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Q: Why were the Indians unpopular in doctrine of lapse?
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It is a consequence and its a part oF "DOCTRINE OF LAPSE"

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hindi q rin alam

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The Doctrine of Lapse is the main reason.

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satara , jaipur , sammbhalpur , udaipur , jhansi and nagpur.

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Because doctrine of lapse alarmed theRuling classes who had over the years

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