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it was the first war the Americans ever won

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It was a major turning point in the American Revolution.

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Q: Why were the battles of saratoga important?
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What was the place of 1777 battles and british surrender?

saratoga..=] corrected you!!

After what victory did the french openly announced support for the US?

The Battle of Saratoga. This was a turning point in the war for the patriots and gave them enough confidence to win the battles of Yorktown and Charleston.

What are 2 important battles from the American Revolution?

== == Long Island, Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga, Charlestown (two battles there), Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, Yorktown. Those are some but by no means all, there were important battle fought from Quebec, Canada to Savannah, Georgia and as far west as modern Michigan.

The battle which turned the tide of the revolutionary war in favor of the Americans was the battle of what?

The turning point in the Revolutionary War that helped the Americans win, was a victory in three battles in New York and Vermont. Oriskany and Saratoga in New York and the battle at Bennington, Vermont gave the Colonists the upper hand. This was probably due to the fact that one British General decided to go out on his own and capture Philadelphia and did not participate in any of the battles mentioned.

What was the date of saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga was fought on: October 17, 1777.The Battles of Saratoga on October 1777 were decisive American victories in the American Revolutionary War, resulting in the surrender of an entire British army of over 6,000 men invading New York from Canada. This action, often referred to in the singular as the "Battle of Saratoga", was actually two battles fought eighteen days apart, but on the same ground, nine miles south of Saratoga, New York: the Battle of Freeman's Farm on October 17.Forced to retreat after his defeat on October 17, General John Burgoyne and his entire army surrendered ten days later after being surrounded by much larger American militia forces. The capture of an entire British army secured the northern American states from further attack via Canada and prevented New England from being isolated. A major result was that France entered the conflict on behalf of the Americans, thus dramatically improving the Americans' chances in the war. The battles of Saratoga, and the entire Saratoga campaign that concluded with the surrender of Burgoyne, are commonly seen as the turning point of the Revolution.

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What is the battle of saratogo?

Multiple battles comprise the Battles of Saratoga. These battles were historically important as they marked the decisive American victory in the Revolutionary War.

What important events happened because of the battles of saratoga?

it was the turning point of the american revolutionary war

What can you tell me about the Battles of Saratoga?

The battle of saratoga was in Saratoga on the hudsion bay in new york....!!!!!!!!!

Why is the battle of saratoga called the battles of saratoga?

Because the battle was in New York Saratoga so they call it Saratoga battle.

Which state was the battles of saratoga in?

New York

Battles that led up to the battle of saratoga?

Bennington and Oriskany, the results of which doomed Burgoyne at Saratoga.

What was the location of a series of a series of battles that became the turning point for the revolutionary war?

It was Saratoga

A place of 1777 battles and british surrender?

its saratoga

What is battles of Saratoga?

The two battles of Saratoga were a turning point in the American Revolution. These battles were fought eighteen days apart in the fall of 1777.This battle lasted from September 19, 1777 to October 7, 1777. This was one of the most important battles in my mind because the French entered the Revolutionary war on the behalf of the colonists and became their ally. They also captured a British army which prevented further attacks out of Canada.

What is important about the battles of saratoga?

The Battles of Saratoga, which took place on September 19th and October 7th of 1777, were important because they represent a turning point in the American Civil War. The surrender of the British General John Burgoyne and France's subsequent formal entrance into the fray motivated the Americans and gave them the strength to fight on. The war became distinctly winnable for Washington and his men - and, as we all know, it was not only winnable, but won. The Battles of Saratoga are collectively the point at which the balance shifted in the direction of American independence, changing the fate of the American people and the world.

How are the battles of Saratoga Gettysburg and Normandy similar?

They are all major turning point battles in the wars they took place in.

What do the Battles of Lexington Saratoga and Yorktown have to do with World War 2?