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because silver was found in the Black Hills

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Q: Why were the native Americans driven out of the black hills?
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Who is palmer gulch in the black hills named after?

William Richard Palmer or Alford Alanza Palmer?

Which authors novel was inspired by kiowa migration from the black hills of Wyoming to the great plains?

Scott momaday

Which authors novel recounts his grandmothers tales of the Black Hills and other places where the Kiowa people once lived?

N. Scott Momaday (APEX) !/

The attitudes of white Americans toward native Americans before civil war?

Negative in the south and some what positive in the northHey I'm doing GCSE history so maybe I could help.White Americans believed the Indians were:Less educated and developed because they believed in medicine men.Primitive, illiterate because they didn't send their children to schoolSavages because they didn't understand why warriors scalped their enemies.Uncivilised because they wouldn't sell their land as they believed land could not be owned, sold or bought. Also used all parts of the buffalo.Sinful as polygamy was allowed in the Indian culture.Lawless- Whites didn't understand there was a lack of government, law and order.Cowardly-the Indians used to count coup.Cruel because of exposure of the elderly.Before the civil war the whites were more linient with the Indians but once people started moving west and cattle ranching began the government saw the Indians as an obstacel for example in 1874 when gold was found in the Black Hills and the Sioux would not sell the land. people in the west wanted the utter destruction of the Indians and beleived the US army shold deal with this and people in the east had a negotiating view and though the best way of dealing with the Indias was to turn them into ''civilized'' Christian farmers.Hope this helps.

What are some of the features of the land where the Powhatan Indians lived?

The Powhatan Native American tribe was located in Virginia. Some of the landforms there were open farmland, rolling hills, mountains, heavily wooded areas, rivers, as well as coastline.

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Did the Native Americans consider the black hills to be worthless land?

Because they saw them to be just hills

Whom are The Black Hills sacred to?

The Black Hills are known for being sacred to the Lakota Sioux Native Americans. Harney Peak, the highest peak in the Black Hills, is considered the center of the universe to the Lakota people.

Why were settlers interested in the black hills?

The first people to come to the Black Hills were the Native Americans who considered the Black Hills sacred. The first tribes were the Arikara, Cheyenne, Crow, Kiowa and Pawnee. They were driven out of the area by the Lakota who were being pushed west by expansion of the US territories. Fur traders found a wealth of animals in the Black Hills. Then General George Armstrong Custer discovered gold in the Black Hills in 1874. Many settlers came to the area hoping to strike it rich!

When did black hills get its name?

Before written history, the Lakota Sioux Native Americans referred to the area as Paha Sapa - Hills of Black. Early French fur traders described the black mountains to Lewis and Clark, although the expedition did not pass directly through the Black Hills.

What was found in the Black Hills of South Dakota that led to conflict between the US Military and Native Americans?

Through treaties, the Black Hills of South Dakota had been given to Native Americans. Then gold was discovered in French Creek near present day Custer, South Dakota. This discovery of gold caused conflict because the US Military was unable to keep the gold prospectors and others out of the Black Hills.

Does the Black Hills still belong to Lakota Native Americans?

I think that it is now the goverment's land but the lakota are still trying to regain it.

Black hills Lakota?

The Lakota Native American tribe lived in the Black Hills area of South Dakota.

Who found the black hills first?

There is archeological evidence of native americans in the Black Hills thousands of years ago, before recorded history. Although Lewis and Clark never made it to the Black Hills on their famous exploration, a French fur trader described the dark hills to them. General George Armstong Custer led an expedition into the Black Hills, making camp near present day city of Custer, SD and essentially opened the Black Hills to settlement.

How did President US Grant seek to avoid major bloodshed in the Black Hills?

President US Grant was sensitive to the problems between the Native Americans and settlers in the Black Hills. He directed General Philip Sheridan to keep miners out of that area. Sheridan was authorized to use force if necessary.

How did the Black Hills get their name?

The Black Hills of South Dakota are so named because of their appearance. Seen from a distance, the Black Hills appear black due to being covered in pine trees.

How did the black hills form?

The Black Hills were formed around 1.8 billion years ago through geological processes like uplift and erosion. They are primarily made up of granite and metamorphic rocks, which were exposed through erosion of the surrounding sedimentary layers over millions of years.

What is the meaning of ''Run to the Hills'' by Iron Maiden?

It is about the fate of the Native Americans. In the first part it is sung from their point of view, then during the verses it echoes the whites' point of view and the chorus is addressed to the Native Americans.