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Do you know a white that treats a black like a slave? If so, then that person needs to be corrected. If a white is raised the right way, they will learn to treat everyone the same, no matter what race. One thing you need to remember: not all whites are prejudice of blacks. Almost everyone, unfortunately, knows a racist. But everyone thinks differently and no one is the same.

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Q: Why white people treat black people like slaves?
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Why did they seprated black and white people?

because black people looked like slaves to white people

How did white people treat black people during slavery?

Slaves were tortured and they had to work for white men all day long with no break and they got nothing in return. White people had rights and they didn't have someone dictate their lives. White women didn't have as many rights as white men but atleast they had rights. The slaves had no rights and they lived in hell everyday.

Did slaves wear different clothes than non slaves?

Didn't have to. Black people were slaves, white people weren't.

Black hands white sails?

a random book about black slaves and non slaves that prevailed over white people when it came to catching whales.

Was there any white slaves in America?

No there was not, It was all Black people

Why could women and slaves not vote?

Black people weren't aloud to vote because White people thought they were different from white people,white people thought that black people didn't deserve to vote,white people thought that they were better then black people.

When did they slaves start?

how did the slave start when white people beat black people

Were there ever white slaves?

White people have been slaves, as have been black people, yellow people, and red people. Slaves have come in all types of colors, and both genders; male and female. People of all ages, young and old, have been slaves.

Who was the creator of the White House?

Black slaves were the first people to design and build the white house.

Did black Africans make slaves of other black people?

yes its why they sold them to white folk is because they were already slaves just the same as some white ppl enslaved some white ppl

What was martin Luther king arguments?

to treat white people and black people equally

What was slavary?

Slavery is when white people take black people for slaves and blacks serve whites.