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Primary sources are created by people who actually experienced the event

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Documents bring us true facts that we can learn. History in part is a dificult to hard to study because of the amount of document existing, but it takes us to understand it.

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Primary sources are the least likely to have been corrupted by the authors' interpretations of what happened and why.

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Q: Why would a historian use a primary source when studying about historical events?
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What is a liberal historian?

A liberal historian believes historical events are led by individuals and political leaders, as opposed to a revisionist historian who believes events are led by mass movement of people or ideas.

Can a historian's upbringing influence their interpretation of historical events?

A historian's upbringing can influence their interpretation of historical events; for example, a Jewish historian may have a more negative view of World War Two than another, due to the events (Jewish persecution) that took place during that time in history.

What step must a historian take to evaluate historical evidence?

The steps historians take include studying the lives of ppl in different times and places is the work of the historians. The most basic tool for this work is historical evidence. Historians collect the evidence, then use it to interpret events. Historians look first at a primary source, first hand information about ppl or events or a secondary source that is stated after the fact.

A historian's upbringing can influence their interpretation of historical events true or faulse?


A historian's upbringing can influence their interpretation of historical events.?

No. A historian needs to be objective rather than to prove a preconceived idea. In the past when the study of history was new there were men who did approach what they studied with discriminatory ideas and preconceived ideas to prove the culture they were studying was inferior or lacking.

How an historian pike a detextive?

Both a detective and an historian seek out facts. They both gather information of what has happened in the past. The detective tries to solve crimes that has all ready taken place. An historian tries to solve historical events, and gain an insight into people's lives, places they lived in, how they survived, and events that happened to them in history.

Which source would you consult for a first and personal view of a historical events?

You would consult a primary source for a first and personal view of an historical event. Primary sources are original materials.

Why might a historian use periodization when writing about ancient greek?

If he was a military historian. Other historians look at social and developments and regressions.

What do historians do when using the historical thinking of chronological thinking?

Answer this questio A historian using the historical thinking skill of chronological thinking might: n…

Which problem with reading primary historical sources is best illustrated by the Mayflower Compact?

Historical events that happened immediately before the writing can influence the written material while the material itself fails to mention these events.

What is a scholar of past events?

A historian.

What advantage do primary sources have over sources for historians?

they can reveal how individuals experiencing historical events actually reacted