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because the mountain is too high

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Q: Why would travel by wagon through the mountains have been slower than travel across desert or plains?
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Why would travel by wagons through mountains have been slower than the travel across desert and plains?

Travel by wagons through mountains would have been slower due to difficult terrain, steep inclines, narrow paths, and the need for frequent stops and detours. In contrast, travel across desert and plains would have been faster due to more open and flat terrain that allows for smoother movement and fewer obstacles.

What landforms would you see traveling across the US?

Traveling across the US, you would see a variety of landforms such as mountains (Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains), plains (Great Plains), deserts (Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert), forests (Appalachian Forests, Redwood Forests), and canyons (Grand Canyon).

How did Arabs adapt to life in life in the desert coastal plains and mountains?

The Arabs adapted to life in the desert oasis coastal plains and mountains by practicing farming.

Why would travel by wagon through the mountains have been slower than travel across desert or planes?

Travel by wagon through the mountains would have been slower than travel across desert or plains due to rough and rugged terrain, steep inclines, and winding paths that required cautious navigation, as opposed to the flat and open terrain of deserts or plains that allow for smoother and faster movement. Additionally, mountainous regions often experience harsh weather conditions that can further slow down travel.

Where are a lanner falcons habitats?

Mountains, Grasslands, Desert and plains.

Why transport is easier in plains than in mountains?

Think of walking across a flat surface (plains), and then walking up a series of hills (mountains). It's easier to travel across plains because they are flat and broad.

What are the landforms for science?


Is there a Guatemala desert?

No, Guatemala has mountains, plains, beaches and jungles, but no deserts

Does the desert have hills or mountains?

Yes, deserts may have hills and mountains as well as valleys and plains and rivers.

What is the area of flat land between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River called?

Once known as the Great American Desert it is known today as the Great Plains.

Land between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains was nicknamed the?

It was nicknamed The Great Plains or the Great American Desert.

Name the large flatland between the rocky mountains and the Mississippi river?

The Great Plains