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William Howard Taft is the US President that weighed over 300 pounds, at times. When he left the White he weighed around 340 pounds. He was down to 244 pounds the year before he passed away.

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Q: Witch president weighed over 300 pounds?
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Weighed over 300 pounds?

The American President following Teddy Roosevelt in order of sucession.

Which president weighed over 300 pounds and had to have a tub special made for him?

William Howard Taft.

Who was heavier president Taft or president Coolidge?

President Taft was considerably heavier than Coolidge. Taft weighed over 300 pounds.

How much did William Howard Taft wiegh?

approximately 320 lbs.Wm. H. Taft weighed well over 300 pounds (some say 350 or more).he weighed over 300 pounds!

Why did people call William Howard Taft 'Big Bill'?

He weighed over 300 pounds, the heaviest president ever.

Which of the gosselins sextuplets weighed over 3 pounds?

Collin was the biggest of all the sextuplets and yes he weighed over three pounds

Which president weight over 300 pounds?

President Taft was over 300 lbs. (335 has been recorded.) when he was elected in 1908.

He was the largest president to ever serve?

William Howard Taft was 6 feet and weighed over 350 pounds, making him the largest person to serve as president.

How heavy was president Taft?

He weighed over 300 pounds. He was the fatest president.

Was Taft the largest president?

Reported to have weighed over 300 pounds, definitely! It is also said he once became stuck in the White House bathtub.

What was a personal issue for Taft?

He weighed over 340 pounds

What president weighed over 300lbs and served as president between 1909 and 1913?

President Taft