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Abraham Lincoln should have been impeached. The arguments for the impeachment could be: Overstepping executive powers, overpassing the USC Amendments and Laws, and his blockade of southern ports because a blockade is only allowed when a war is declared and Lincoln said it was not a war but a rebellion.

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No, his Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was impeached. When Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson became President, and then was impeached towards the end of his term. Johnson's impeachment charges were not confirmed by the Senate, and he was therefore, not removed from office, as President.

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No, the Former President Abraham Lincoln was not impeached. Former President Lincoln was removed from office when he was shot at a theatre.

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Q: Would Abraham Lincoln have been impeached if he was not assassinated?
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Was kennedy the first president to be assassinated?

John F. Kennedy was the fourth U.S. President to be assassinated. Abraham Lincoln was the first.

How do you use assassinated in a sentence?

The assassin assassinated the other assassin.

What if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated?

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To write a research objective, just write about what you are trying to find.For example, if you need to write a research objective on Abraham Lincoln's assassination, you would write something to the effect of "Objective: To find out who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, where he was assassinated, when he was assassinated, and how he was assassinated and what with."

How old is president Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 at the age of 56. He was born in 1809, and would be 203 in 2012.

Why did April 1865 save America?

It didnt, that was when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by someone who thought that if he killed Abraham he would be be helping the south, but it actually had the opposite effect! :)

What president was the only senator from a Confederate state to remain in congress after secession?

Andrew Johnson of Tennessee was the only senator from the South that remained in his senatorial seat after the outbreak of the rebellion. He would become the 17th president of the US after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865. He also would become the first president to be impeached.

Did Robert E Lee attend Abraham Lincoln's funeral?

No. Lincoln was assassinated five days after the end of the Civil War by a man sympathetic to the Confederate cause. Lee would not have been welcome.

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Who killed Abraham Lincoln what happened to him where did Lincoln get killed when did l Abraham Lincoln assassinated why did Abraham Lincoln get assassinated?

John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in the head on April 14, 1865 during a play at Fords Theater in Washington. The play was a comedy and when the crowd was laughing Booth shoot the pistol. LIncoln died the next morning in a house across the street. Booth hoped that the assassination would inspire the South to keep fighting even though Lee had surrendered his army the week before. Booth was part of a plot to also kill Vice-President Johnson and Secretary of State Seward.

How many times did Abraham Lincoln marry?

Abraham Lincoln married only once in his life. The bride was Miss Todd and they both had four boys (the children lived to maturity). Mr. Lincoln and his wife were together for twenty two years, until Lincoln was assassinated.*I am sure this is all correct information, if you would like more click on the site below*

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