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Christopher Columbus killed many many Native Americans. Europeans also killed many by bringing diseases to america. They (the British and europeans) were sick people, and very greedy, which is why there are very little Native Americans left.

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Q: Would there be more native Americans if the British still ruled in North America?
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What factors led to conflicts between the British and the native Americans?

The British and the Native Americans were fighting over the land of North America.

Why were native Americans so diverse in North America?

it was because of the British people who who some of the Native Americans and mess up their culture.

Why were native Americans societies in north America so diverse?

it was because of the British people who who some of the Native Americans and mess up their culture.

What people settled in the Arctic region of north america?

Native Americans as well as Scandinavians/Nordics, French, and British were the first settlers in Northern America.

Do Native Americans own North America?


How did native Americans arrive in the north?

The native americans arrived in North America when the ice came to land and they followed the bufflo

What crops did the Native Americans introduced to British colonists living in north America?

There are many . Corn, tomatoes, chocolate are just three.

In North America how did native Americans participate in European colonial wars between Britain and France-?

In North America, different Native American groups fought alongside both Britain and France

Which of these groups is indigenous to North America?

Native Americans

What year did Native Americans arrive from Asia?

No one really knows when Native Americans came to North America.

What are north americians?

North Americans are found in North American. They are people who are native to north America.

How did the Native Americans get to North America?

By the Beringa Land bridge