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In my opinion, black.

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2008-02-04 18:44:49
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Q: Would you prefer to have a black or white slave owner?
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Was Anthony Johnson the slave owner black?


What would happen if a slave had a child?

It would be property of the slave's owner.

How would you feel if you were an owner of a slave?

If I was a slave owner I would give the slave respect and I wouldn't make them do work I would treat them like a regular person.

What did the slave owner do to keep the baby slaves on his farm?

the slave owner would make sure to keep the slave only in his property.

Would a slave owner rather use his slaves or indetured servants?

If a person is a "slave owner " they own a slave that is his property, so by the very nature of ownership he would use slaves.

How a slave owner get the slave once they bought a slave?

they went a brought it home. If they went by carriage the slave would walk.

What is the owner of a slave called?

A master is the owner of a slave.

Was John Adams a slave owner?

no john Adam was not a slave owner

Can another slave owner whoop another slave?

Yes, but if the slave was incapacitated he may have to pay the owner of the slave for a replacement.

Were there black slave owners?

Not in the USA because to be a slave you had to have black blood in your system which means that if you had black blood in your system you were not considered human but cattle and therefore a slave. However outside America there were plenty of black slave traders. And black tribesmen involved in selling other black people into slavery. The whites were the end users; the blacks and the Arabs were the suppliers. This is not true at all. William Ellison was a Black slave owner in South Carolina and the majority of slave owners in New Orleans were Black. William Ellison, whose slave name was April, became a slave magnate and expanded his business throughout the south, from South Carolina to the Mississippi River. I would strongly suggest you Google "Black Slave Owners" and I guarantee that you will have a plethora of information.

What kind of slave owner was President Andrew Jackson?

He was the kind of slave owner that would rape his slaves and murder them after, sadly but true confessedby him on his first speech"I was once a slave owner but now I regret what I did" And I Suckk Dick God bless afganistan!

How would a normal slave owner describe a slave?

As a filthy, barbaric human being who whites were inferior too.

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