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Q: 18th century historical buildings which is still in India?
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Why is mission San juan capistrano historical?

Among other things, it has one of, if not the, oldest buildings in California that is still in use today.

What happened to the original buildings on Ellis Island?

Most of them are still there and now a national historical site. You can go there and visit. It is worth the trip.

Who made red fort in india?

The Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan in the mid-17th century and is still a big tourist attraction in India.

Are there any Victorian buildings in rhyl?

Yes, there are some Victorian buildings in Rhyl, a seaside town in North Wales. Some examples include the Victorian Pier, the Pavilion Theatre, and some historical Victorian houses that can still be found in certain parts of the town.

Why does the US still use architecture of the Ancient Rome?

The Romans influenced European and American architecture, sculpture and painting until the early 20th century. They influenced the art of the Renaissance (14th-15th century) Baroque (17th-18th century) and Neoclassicism (18th-20th century, and is still sometimes used today). Palladian architecture was also based on Roman architecture. It was popular from the 17th century to the early 20th century and was often used for public buildings.

Two lion pillars from 3rd century B.C. are still preserved in good state in India one among them is at nandangad where is the other?


Which is oldest library in India?

Of the most ancient Indian city is Vrindavan where Lord Krishna used to take his cows for grazing with his Gwal friends. Means Treta Yug.

When was Dublin Ireland a sign of British power?

In the 18th century Dublin was described as being the second city of the Empire. At that time it had many fine buildings and streets, most of which still exist today.

What Aztec buildings can still be seen today?

yes you can still see them

List the six countries that still hunt whales?

Japan, USA, france, New Zealand, India and Norway New Zealand hasn't hunted whales since the 19th century. I doubt France and India do as well.

18th century cities of India which still exist in India?

Rarely found on net but are very well compiled here : Thanks.

Can people in the 21st century use alchemy?

Alchemy, as traditionally practiced in the Middle Ages, is not commonly used in the 21st century due to advancements in modern science. However, some people may still be interested in alchemy as a historical or philosophical pursuit.