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Two things that make it possible for explorers to travel around the world are airplanes and boats. Without these two things it would be impossible to reach the remote areas of the world.

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Q: 2 things that made it possible for explorers to travel all over the world?
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How did the explorers travel in new world?

Generally, they tried to find navigable rivers/seas and use boats. Where this was not possible, they would travel on horse or on foot.

Who were the first explorers that discovered that you can travel around the world?


Can everything be possible?

No, because there are a lot of things like you can't do like travel around the world in just 5 seconds and for there to be no gravity in Earth!

Is it possible to travel to every city in the world?

In principle it is probably possible to travel to every city in the world. But it is far from practical. The cost of travel would be enormous and there are places where there is fighting and places that are hostile to whatever country you are from.

What are some things that the early European Explorers thought about the world that we know now are not true?

That the earth was flat.

Where is it possible to fly with Shermans Travel?

Shermans Travel is known as a great airlines, and is well known around the world. It is possible to fly almost anywhere internationally with Shermans Travel flights.

What continent were the old world explorers from?

The explorers were from Europe.

Are there modern day explorers?

Yes, there are modern-day explorers who continue to travel and discover new places, cultures, and knowledge. These explorers often use technology to aid their expeditions and document their findings. Their work helps expand our understanding of the world and its many wonders.

What three growths made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration?

Growths that made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration included the desire to find new trade routes to Asia to make it more economical to bring spices to Europe. Also, the nations wanted to claim new lands and their riches for themselves. Another growth was in the advances in knowledge and science. Cartography, or map making, was improving, especially with all the new discoveries made by the explorers. New inventions also helped the explorers. Improved ship design and new navigational tools helped sailors to travel more safely and faster. Improved weapons gave the European sailors an advantage over the people they met.

What are the release dates for Explorers of the World - 1931?

Explorers of the World - 1931 was released on: USA: 6 September 1931

Can we travel from Toronto to Cape Verde islands?

Yes it is possible to travel to anywhere in the world from Totonto. However you may need to change planes to get there.

What are three things that helped people travel more quickly -World history 2?

Three things that helped people travel more quickly are: trains, planes, and cars.