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northwest passage

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Q: 3 English explorers like Cabot Frobisher and Hudson were searching for?
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Which explorers sailed under the english flag?

Henry Hudson

Who were the three explorers who were searching for northwest passage?

christopher Columbus,Henry Hudson ,samual de shamplain

What did Martin Frobisher come to America for?

pour chercher un passage nord-ouest aussi trouver un route vers l'Extreme Orient

What did Martin Frobisher accomplish?

He discovered an area near Hudson bay. Now known as frobisher bay

Who is the Hudson bay named after?

English explorers and colonists named Hudson Bay after Henry Hudson, who explored the bay in 1610 on his ship the Discovery.

What did the French have to do with the Canadian Arctic?

They were explorers in the arctic, like an English explorer Henry Hudson.

What was Hudson Hudson searching for on his voyage?

He was searching for the Northwest Passage

Why did dutch and English companies pay henrey Hudson to explore for them?

because the spnish explorers needed no rapists

Who were two major English explorers?

Lewis and clarkAnother answer:Frances Drake, James Cook, Henry Hudson, Walter Raleigh.

What Hudson searching for on his voyage?

He was searching for the Northwest Passage

Which dutch explorers first found America?

none even the earliest dutch was a dutch hired English named Henry Hudson

What Explorers came to New Jersey?

Henry Hudson