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all people depend on work of others

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Q: A key characteristic of a civilization is the specialization of labor What does this mean?
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What kind of cradle is the northeast region called?

It would help to know what continent or country you are asking about.If you mean the northeast United States, you could be looking for the "cradle of liberty", since that area was where the American Revolution was born.If you mean the northeastern area of Africa and the Middle East, you could be looking for the "cradle of civilization".

What does encomienda mean?

The word encomienda means "(those) entrusted" and was a labor system used for Spanish colonies, mainly in the New World. It meant that tribute and labor was expected of the indigenous native tribes by Spaniards who controlled their lands (which was still considered owned by the natives). In return, the natives were granted military protection, education, and teachings of the Christian faith. It was meant to benefit both Spaniard and native but it seems as though the Spaniards always got the upper hand.The encomiendas followed the earlier Spanish practice of requiring service from Muslims and peasants following the Reconquista (reconquest of Spain from the Moors). In practice, they became little more than involuntary servitude.

What does you know not with what weapons world war iii will be fought but world war iv will be fought with sticks and stones mean?

This quote is from a letter from Albert Einstein to FDR. He was warning against the use of an atomic bomb in World War II. In the quote, he's basically saying that he cannot fathom the level of destruction the weapons that would constitute the fighting of World War III, but he knows that it will be enough to destroy civilization to the point where it would be back to fighting with sticks and stones.

What does history mean to historians?

what does history mean

How many nations in history?

what do you mean history ?? what do you mean history ??

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What key characteristic of a civilization is the specialization of labor What does this mean?

all people depend on work of others

What does the key characteristic of a civilization is the specialization of labor mean?

all people depend on work of others

What does labor specialization mean?

All people depend on the work of others.

What does the term division of labor mean?

Division of labor is the division of tasks, roles and duties between people trying to accomplish a certain task. Division of labor became an important element of society during the Industrial Revolution, when factory work changed the way in which people worked together to create products. This method of labor was supported by famous economists like Adam Smith and mechanical engineers such as Charles Babbage.

What does the word property mean in math form?

Characteristic. Characteristic. Characteristic. Characteristic.

What does regional specialization mean?

Regional Specialization is a type of cheese that never expires. It could be deadly and found in your region.

How a dual specialization in MBA is helpful mean MBA with IT if you are a B com student?

Specialization Matters But the problem with the specialization is One will stick with the specialization itself.Says If you get specialization in IT. You will enjoy the ups and downs of IT itself.Which broke down two times lastly year 2002 around and years 2008-9Furthermore their is a law of demand and supply. And IT is highly saturated.

What does specialization mean in economics?

it means you're really special from anonymous

What does specialization mean in?

Speciation in Biology means the growing of new species.

If a child has a characteristic that neither parent has the characteristic is what?

it could just mean someone else in the family has that characteristic.

What is the difference between a trainer and a learning specialist?

I assume you mean a Profession Trainer and a Specialization Trainer? Profession trainers are your basic trainers that will teach you most of your recipes, whereas Specialization trainers will teach you a subset of a profession. For instance: BLACKSMITHING (Main Profession) Armorsmithing (Specialization) Weaponsmithing (Specialization) Axesmith Swordsmith Hammersmith

What does the cradle of civilization mean?

Cradle of civilization means the place where civilization began to flourish. Civilization was able to thrive because it had what it needed.