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eat alot of lays chips

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Q: A way of showing affection for another?
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What is a way of showing affection for another?

make love

What is a word that describes a way of showing affection for another that starts with the letter k?


What is a cat's pur?

It's just a way of showing their affection to you!

Is a hickey mark away of showing love or affection?

NO! A hickey mark is a way of showing that a boy has sucked on a girl, or vice versa.

Why a boy holds the hand of girl at time of his first propose?

its a way of showing affection, or passing the feelings through to that person, showing them the love you truly have.

What does it mean when this girl tries to kiss my bellybutton?

When a girl tries to kiss your bellybutton, it is a way of showing affection.

What is misplaced affection in a relationship?

You or your s/o is showing affection to someone else.

Is affection a feeling?

Sure is! A great feeling which expresses ones feelings to another. =) for example: The boy who liked the girl expressed his feelings by showing the girl affection as he hugged her and rubbed her back =)

How can you show your affection?

The best way to show affection is to listen closely to the other person to establish what they like. Just by listening your showing affection by showing an interest in what they like and dislike. This is just a starting point.Use that information to truly show affection. Maybe they like being kissed softly behind the ear, holding hands, baking cookies or flowers or who knows what.

Meaning of cuddling?

hold close in one's arms as a way of showing love or affection. "he cuddles the baby close"

Name something you would thank your spouse for doing and persecute a stalker for?

showing affection senging flowers/ cards phone calls

A way of showing affection for other people?

Affection can be shown in many ways. A simple smile or sweet compliment is nice. Or, flowers, candy, a card, gift, meal ect. It all depends on how much you want to show your affection.