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Arcita and Palamon argued in the tower over who would Love Emily.

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Q: About what did arcita and palamon argue in the tower when they were prisoners?
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Which famous building in London was historically used to house important political prisoners?

tower of london

How did the prisoners get to the Tower?

In medieval times they entered through Traitors Gate.

How did the prisoners come to the Tower of London?

Some came via the river Thames and entered the Tower through Traitor's Gate.

Who was heild prisoners at the Tower of London?

Rudolf Hess was rhe last prisoner.

Were witches held in the Tower of London?

No, as a matter of history, the tower was used for prisoners of status. Most prisoners held at the tower were nobles. Religious heretics,mostly high ranking Catholics who would not swear to the Act of Supremacy. Convicted Heretics were burned alive in Smith field northwest of the tower. But only those of rank were actually imprisoned in the tower. The rest were locked away in Newgate prison. It was beneath the dignity of the tower to serve as merely a lock up for commoners.

In which famous London building were prisoners held before being executed in past centuries?

The Tower of London

Which country are beefeaters associated with?

A beefeater is a nickname for a Yeomen Warder. Yeomen Warders (beefeaters) are guardians of the Tower of London in London, England. In days of old, they were responsible for guarding prisoners kept in the tower as well as guarding the tower itself. Nowadays they guard the Crown Jewels, guard the tower and conduct tour guides of the tower.

Is hatfield house a Tudor prison?

No Hatfield house was not a prison. Simply a residence. It was once home to Elizabeth I. The Tower of London is where prisoners were held.

Who died in the tower of London?

Currently no one lives at the Tower of London which is also called, less commonly, Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress. Currently the Tower is a tourist attraction.

What happens when violet tries to argue with count olaf about being in the play?

Count olaf threatens to kill sunny in a cage dangling off a tower

Who was the held prisoner in the Tower of London?

One of the most famous prisoners held in the Tower of London was Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry the VIII, King of England. Anne was beheaded there in 1536.Another famous prisoner of the Tower of London was Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry the VIII. She was taken to the Tower on Feb. 10, 1542 and beheaded there on Feb. 13, 1542.The Tower of London was significantly expanded in the 13th century, during the reign of Henry III, when two defensive walls were built around the White Tower. The inner wall had thirteen towers and the outer wall another six. The towers were mostly used to imprison political opponents. Traitors' GateSome of the most famous prisoners locked in the Tower were two princes, the sons of king Edward IV. After Edward's dead in 1483 the children were locked in the Bloody Tower by their uncle, who would later ascend the throne as king Richard III. The princes were never seen again and were probably killed by guards.The St. Thomas Tower is located close to the Bloody Tower. Here, prisoners were brought into the fortress by boat through the Traitor's gate.Important prisoners were often locked in the Beauchamp Tower, sometimes with their servants. An inscription on the wall of the tower is believed to refer to Lady Jane Grey, who, nine days after she was crowned Queen, was executed on Tower Green, an open terrain in the Tower of London.Byward TowerThomas More was imprisoned in the Bell Tower until his execution after he refused to accept king Henry VIII as head of the Anglican church. Even Queen Elisabeth I was confined here for some time.

What was life like in Tower of London?

cold, dark and not the best for everyone in the royal family at some stages. But for the prisoners it was like living in a better versions of their own homes...