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Q: According to figure 13-1 overland trade routes extended from?
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What are the overland routes?

overland route from san francisco to boston

The growth of maritime and overland tading routes led to?

The growth of maritime and overland routes led to decreased interest in inventions and technolgy.

What is the major reason that Portugal and Spain established water routes to Asia's spice markets?

avoid the overland routes that were controlled by muslim traders

What three routes did the pioneers use to get west?

the three routes were called the overland, panima, and the cape horn routes

Can you get from Thailand to UK without flying?

Yes. There are overland routes and sea routes that will take you from Thailand to the U.K.

Why wet prep candiad albicans?

because overland routes to china.

What overland trade routes did the mongol stabilize by 1250?

Persian roads

What are overland trade routes?

Ones which go by land rather than waterways.

. Which was a major effect of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453?

Europe lost access to overland trade routes to Asia.

Why were overland trade routes being closed?

Overland trade routes were closed for various reasons, including conflicts between regions or countries, political instability, natural disasters blocking the routes, and the rise of maritime trade routes that offered faster and more efficient transportation of goods. These closures disrupted trade and had economic impacts on the regions affected.

What were the major routes to California during the gold rush?

the three major routes were around south america,through the panama canal, and overland.

What began when the Turks closed off overland trading routes?

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