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Q: According to the declaration what attempt had the colonists made to solve their problems with the British government?
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What are the advantages of a federation?

Advantages to a federation government include more opportunity to make decisions, government officials are more responsive and more time devoted to national problems. A couple disadvantages include citizens treated differently who live in different parts of city and international relations.

What problems was the Third Estate facing?

A massive National debt, high and unfair taxation and an inresponsive government.

What effect did the September Massacres have on the government?

Because of the crisis on September 11, 2001, the United States and it's government seemed to hurt. The weight of this event was all put on president Bush, including the rest of the worlds problems, causing the whole United States to feel the preasure and sorrow. THATS NOT RIGHT^ the September massacres was not in the 2001 it was in 1792

What were the problems with the Indian Civil Service?

the answer is in indian civil service with the problems

What were the problems of provisional government?

The situation between the Provisional Government and the Soviets, in particular the Petrograd Soviets were known as the "Dual Authority".The spread across the country of soviets or councils of workers, soldiers and peasants meant that from the start the authority of the Provisional Government was undermined.The Soviets had; "power without authority", whilst the Provisional Government had; "authority without power."This system of Dual Authority meant that the Provisional Government lacked the will and the means to enforce its authority.The Petrograd Soviet were given the power to over rule all the military decisions passed by the Provisional Government.All the armed forces were successfully put in the capital under Soviet control rather that the Provisional Government.The Provisional Government failed to retain power in 1917, as they had no real force.The soviets were supporting the Provisional Government until Russian capitalism would collapse and Russia would move to her socialist phrase of her development.There are more, but these are just a few i could think of doing my history coursework. I

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How did the Declaration of Independence justify the patriot's break from Great British?

The Declaration of Independence justified the patriot's break from Great Britain by identifying specific grievances against King George III and the British government. It argued that the colonists had the right to establish their own government based on principles of natural rights and consent of the governed. It also asserted that repeated attempts to address these grievances were met with indifference or oppression, leaving the colonists no choice but to declare their independence.

How are the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence similar?

The Declaration of Independence was exactly as it sounds, and the Constitution was crafted, in large part, around trying to solve the problems of government that the Declaration complained of.

How did the colonists reach out to british people for help before writing the Declaration of Independence?

The colonist WERE British, so they wrote a letter to the king ( the Declaration of Independence) to tell him what the problems were.

Purposes of the Declaration of Independence?

It was a letter to the king explaining the problems with the crown and they were declaring independence. The king didn't take it seriously and thought of the colonists as having a temper tantrum. When Bunker Hill took place he took the separation from the government as treason and war.

What document addressed the colonists concernes and listed their grivices?

The Declaration of Independence is the document you asked about. It was an open letter to the king stating the problems and declaring independence.

Which deals with thejudicial branch of government?

according to Marshall, which branches of government deal with public problems?

What does the Declaration blame for the social problems and government corruption in France?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen blames absolute monarchies, like the one in France, for causing social problems and corruption in the government. It criticized the monarchy for promoting inequality, suppressing individual rights, and fostering corruption through unchecked power.

According to the Declaration of Independence when do the people have the right to overthrow their government?

According to the Declaration of Independence, governments are created to protect the rights granted to all people, known as unalienable rights. That means they cannot be taken away. Governments get their power from the people they govern. If the government cannot protect the rights of the people or if the government becomes destructive of the rights of the people, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish the government. If a government has been in operation for a long time, the Declaration indicates that peaceful means should be attempted to solve the problems, via the ballot box, laws, etc. However, if the government has become dictatorial or a unconstitutional monarchy then violent revolution may be the only course for the people.

What documents did Americans deal with the complaints listed in the Declaration of Independence?

When the U.S. was founded, they fixed all the problems listed in the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution. The Constitution ensured that their rights were protected against anything, including the government.

What were the problems of Declaration of Independence?

it was an issue

What problems did the colonists have with great Britain?

that they had a strict trade.

What were three problems between the colonists and the French in North America?