Achievements by dirk Hartog

Updated: 8/19/2023
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he fowed shark bay

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A lot

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Q: Achievements by dirk Hartog
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What are dirk hartog's achievements?

because io

Where can you find Dirk Hartog facts?

you can find dirk hartog facts at dirk hartog biography

What places are named after Dirk Hartog?

Dirk Hartog is famous for Hartog bay.

Who was Dirk Hartog?

Dirk Hartog was a Dutch Sailor and Explorer.

Facts about dirk hartog?

facts on Dirk hartog :)

What is the purpose for dirk hartog landing on the island dirk hartog?

by accident

Where was Dirk Hartog from?

Dirk Hartog (1580 - 1621) was a 17th century Dutch sailor and explorer.

What year was it when Dirk Hartog found Australia?

Dirk Hartog landed on what is now known as Dirk Hartog Island, at Cape Inscription, Western Australia on 25 October 1616.

What is important about Dirk Hartog?

dirk hartog was a dutch explorer so therefore he was from dutchland he was an explorer and sailor.

How long was Dirk hartog and Meynsgen Abels together?

How long was Dirk hartog and Meynsgen Abels together

Why did dirk hartog?

The reason that Dirk Hartog - although only 41- died has not been recorded, but it was in Amsterdam when he died.

Who were Dirk Hartog's mother and father?

Dirk Hartog was the child of Hartych Krynen(father) and Griet Jans(mother).