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the British Crown

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Q: After the Sepoy Mutiny who was control of the Indian government given to?
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Who or what began to rule India after the Sepoy Rebellion?

The direct rule of queen and British parliament after the mutiny in 1857, The Govt of India Act of 1858 Changed the administration in India.

How was the sepoy rebellion a clash of cultures?

the policy of westernization/ Anglicization is one of the big contributors to clash of the cultures. the British people forced the Indian people to become Anglican and to accept western society and systems. The final spark to the start of the Sepoy Rebellion/mutiny was when the British told the Indian people to bite of the end of a gun cartridge which was rumored to be greased with pig and cow fat (to Muslims pigs are unclean and to Hindus cows were sacred). they were forced to go against there own beliefs by doing that and thus the rebellion started.

In 1857 a growing Indian distrust of the British led to what?

The Indian sepoys began to distrust the British because of several events. They were trying to convert Hindus and Muslims to Christianity. The British were altering the length and terms of service in the army. The pension for soldiers was eliminated. The British began using tallow soaked ammunition cartridges.

Why was the Sepoy Rebellion a turning point in the history of India?

India came to be ruled directly by the british government

Who were the Indian soldiers who served in the British Indian army and rebelled in 1857?

The native Indian soldiers recruited by the East India Company were called "sepoys" (or the cavalry equivalent "sowar"). The rebellion by these soldiers was called the "Sepoy Mutiny" or "Indian Mutiny" of May, 1857. The 200,000 sepoys outnumbered British soldiers by five to one. After two sepoys were hanged for disobedience and more than 80 imprisoned, a general revolt by the sepoys and the populace broke out against British officers and citizens. The war was mainly fought in north central India, south of the cities of Meerut and Delhi. During 1857 and 1858, various Indian and Asian soldiers fought either with or against the British. The British ultimately prevailed, though the conflict and later reprisals killed hundreds of thousands among the native populace. The rebellion marked the beginning of a united India, and is officially referred to as the "First War of Independence".

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Who was the control of the Indian government given to after the sepoy mutiny?

the British Crown

After the sepoy mutiny control of the Indian government was given to?

The British Crown A+ Students Only!!

After the sepoy mutiny who was in control of the Indian governemtn given to?


After the Sepoy mutiny Who was controlled of the Indian government given to?

the British Crown

One result of the Sepoy Mutiny was that?

The British government tightened its control over India.

What was the Sepoy mutiny of 1850?

Sepoy Mutany of 1857 was the Indian rebelion from the british

What result from the sepoy mutiny apex?

The Britiah government took control over Inida (Apex)

What was the Indian name for the sepoy mutiny?

great war of indian independence

How did the British east Indian company change India and how did the sepoy mutiny respond to these changes?

Great Britain controlled India indirectly by using the British East India Company. After the Sepoy mutiny, Britain decided to control India directly. The Sepoy Mutiny ended the indirect control by the East India Company and instead Britain controlled them directly.

The control of India was transferred from the British East India Company to the government of Great Britain after the .?

Sepoy Mutiny

The control of India was transferred from the British East India Company to the government of great britain after the?

Sepoy Mutiny

why was the sepoy mutiny called of many names and what were they ?

The Sepoy Mutiny was a violent and very bloody uprising against British rule in India in 1857. It is also known by other names: the Indian Mutiny, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, or the Indian Revolt of 1857