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Q: Against which industry did the congress of industrial organizations stage a successful sit down strike in 1936?
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Against which industry did the congress of industrial organizations' (CIO's) newly formed union stage a successful sit-down strike in 1936?

The industry that congress staged a successful sit down strike of was the National Rife Association (NRA). This sit down occurred in 1936.

The primary interest of the Congress of Industrial Organizations was?

for a multiple choice answer:the organization of all workers within an industry

Committee of industrial organizations?

Actually, the proper name is the Congress of Industrial Organizations, which was founded in the 1930's by John L. Lewis. It, and the American Federation of Labor, disputed whether organized labor should be divided by the traditional "craft" method, or by industry. The dispute was ultimately resolved by a merger of the organizations into what is now known as the AFL-CIO.

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Theory of industry?

The theory of industry tries to explain the various principles which are used in formation of industrial organizations. The theory states that once an industry is stable to compete, tariffs and other measures can be introduced.

What was the primary interest of the Congress of Industrial Organization?

for a multiple choice answer:the organization of all workers within an industry

In what way was the congress of industrial organization different from the American federation of labor?

The CIO organized all workers within an industry.

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The base word for industrial is "industry."

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What are the similaries and differences between a craft union and an industrial union?

Craft unionism refers to an approach to union organizing that seeks to unify workers in a particular industry along lines of the particular craft of trade that they work in. it contrasts with industrial unionism, in which all workers in the same industry are organized into the same union, regardless of differences in skill Craft unions - organizations of workers with similar skills Industrial unions - are organized by industry :)

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A policy or approach to the manufacture and selling of flavors that does not consider product type as much as end use. Here, the concept is one where the same flavor cannot necessarily be used in different applications, and each flavor must be modified to meet the need of the industry into which it will be promoted. Specialists might be assigned the task of learning the inside information in a given industry, its policies, trade organizations, industry shows, important personnel, etc. These specialists are called industry managers or industrial marketing managers. The industrial units in the flavor industry are included in Chart 238.

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