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Q: All of the Old Northwest Territory was claimed by Virginia because it was the first colony founded in the New World?
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Did the Americans buy Illinois?

No, Illinois was never purchased. It was claimed by the French but soon ceded to the British and then later to Virginia who claimed it as part of their territory. A few years later Virginia gave up their claim to Illinoise territory to the United States who then deemed it part of the Northwest Territories.

The territory claimed by George Rogers Clark was bounded by what on the west?

George Rogers Clark is known as the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest" because he led the successful military campaign that claimed the Northwest Territory for America from the British. This territory was bounded by the Great Lakes to the north and east, the Ohio River to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west.

What power claimed the northwest territory in north America in 1754?

Great Britain

Which state had claims that extended into the northwest territory?

The United States was broken into territories before it was split into individual states. The state that claimed land in the Northwest Territory was Ohio.

Pittsburgh was claimed by what two colonies?

Pennsylvania and Virginia. Incidentally, Toledo was claimed by the State of Ohio and the Territory of Michigan.

What area did the northwest ordiance create?

The Northwest ordinance was an agreement that in the territories to the Northwest would not have any slavery. The Mason Dixon line was also created, it was a line that separated the North from the South just above Maryland. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 claimed that new slaves could not be in the territory above this line.

The explorer who claimed territory for the dutch was who?

The explorer who claimed territory for the Dutch was Henry Hudson. He discovered both the Hudson River in present-day New York and Hudson Bay in Canada while searching for a Northwest Passage to Asia.

Which two countries probably claimed land that bordered the dispute in area of the pacific northwest in 1763?

In 1763, the two countries that likely claimed land bordering the dispute in the Pacific Northwest were Spain and Britain. Spain claimed territory to the south, while Britain claimed territory to the north of the region, leading to overlapping claims and eventual conflicts over control in the area.

Who claimed Virginia?

The English claimed Virginia in 1607

What power claimed the territory of Florida?

Spain claimed the territory of Florida

What were the two causes of the Hundred Years War?

Fighting began when the king of France tried to take the territory claimed by England in southern France and England also claimed the territory.

Why are the Israeli settlements established?

If you are talking about the settlements in the occupied territory it is because that is the territory that Israel claimed after the 5 day war in 1967.