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William the Conqueror

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Q: All were French monarchs in France EXCEPT?
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Was the country better after the French Revolution?

No, France wasn't better off because of the Revolution. After the revolution the country was one huge chaos and nobody knew who or how the country should be governed. The French people had blamed all their problems on their Monarchs and killed them, but never realized that it wasn't their fault and so when the Revolution was over, nothing was gained and their situation was actually worse then ever. France was bankrupt and no Monarch in Europe wanted to have anything to do with France anymore because of their bloody war against the monarchy. Eventually it was Napoleon Bonaparte who grabbed the reigning power and made France an Empire. Since the French weren't too happy with him in the end either, the count of Provence (the brother of Louis XVI whom the French had killed), made himself King and so France was yet again a monarchy.

What effect did the French Revolution have on France and the World?

The French Revolution gave the world a different model from the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a giving of rights taken away or an extension of rights. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution simply listed rights that various kings had previously affirmed belonged to all Englishmen. The American Revolution limited the tyranny government could do. The French Revolution on the other hand presented a violent overthrow of the old order. It was not an evolutionary change but a revolutionary change. Many revolutionary groups chose to follow the French style of Revolution. The main one was communism. The politburo was a thinly disguised committee on public safety. It served the same purpose. Stalin was Robespierre. They begin with high sounding rhetoric. It had a dream based on platitudes. It disintegrates into chaos. The dream that a people can live by platitudes keeps appearing and never works. A group takes over the government and becomes terrorist. The impact of the French Revolution has been to destroy the old order. Like the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution destroyed the old landowning nobility. All revolutions based on the French Revolution do that. Then internal corruption brings the collapse of the revolution. When no other way is seen to exist to get rid of a powerful entrenched nobility, a French revolution may occur. When the task is to prevent a return of tyranny as it was in Germany after World War 2, an American Revolution may occur.

How many monarchs in 19 century?

Lots, if you look all around the world.

How did World War 1 affect France's culture?

It caused a flood of track athletes into the French Olympic team after all the running practice they had.

Did France have a monarchy?

France is not a monarchy and therefore does not have a King and Queen. France is a republic and had a president, Nicolas Sarcozy. France used to be a monarchy, but during the French Revolution the French killed their last King and Queen (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette) because at that time France was bankrupt and the people were starving. They blamed it all on their King and Queen, which was not fair. Though, the revolutionists wanted France to become a republic so the bourgeoisie could reign alongside their president. In the monarchy France used to be, this was not the case, and the King had the only right to reign the way he saw fit.

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How do you write France in french?

France would be the answer, that is the way you wrote it except for the fact that all names must have a capitol letter its actually La France and it should have a little dash under the c.

IN what way were the rule of monarchs in Spain France and Eastern Europe similar?

all monarchs in these areas strived to spread religion and gain territory for their own regions. (GO JOE FOSS!)

In what ways The rule of monarchs in Spain France and eastern Europe similar?

all monarchs in these areas strived to spread religion and gain territory for their own regions. (GO JOE FOSS!)

What are the 3 places in France that speak french?

All places in France speak French, including:ParisMarseillesLyonToulouseNiceNantesStrasbourgMontpellierBordeauxLilRennesReimsLe HavreSaint-ÉtienneToulonGrenobleDijon

Why was Marie Antoinette the last queen of France?

In short, the French revolution was to overthrow the monarchs, because the bourgeoisie had enough of the luxurious and privileged lives of the royals and nobility. The revolutionists wanted everybody to be equal. So they fought to overthrown their royals and to rid themselves of the "tyrants" (their monarchs, who were in fact far from tyrants). Marie Antoinette was the last Queen ever in France. Since then France has had an emperor (Napoleon Bonaparte), some Kings in name (so not really Kings at all) and eventually Presidents.

How do you spell all about France in french?

Tout a savoir du France

Does France import goods?

Absolutely, France like all European countries imports a variety of goods varying from raw good to finished product in almost all aspects of every industry. Except maybe wine. The French are very proud of their wine.

Before the french revolution who issued all of france's laws?

Before the French revolution, the monarchy issued France's laws.

Does the President of France speak French?

Yes, it would be rather farcical if the President of France couldn't even speak its native language.

Is a monarch a queen?

Not all monarchs are queens, but all queens who are heads of state are monarchs. Kings are also monarchs.

Why are French girls impossible?

Not all the French girls are impossible. And it is not specific to France.

What are all the French cities in the US?

none. french cities are in france not the us