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believed to have supernatural powers -apex

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Q: An African nkisi n'kondi is a statue?
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Look af this photo. This is a(n)?

nkisi nkondi this is a power figure- search up to see this west-central African figure

Which one is an example of African problem solving?

nkisi statue

An African nkisi n'kondi is a statue?

believed to have supernatural powers -apex

What doAfrican people use some artworks to solve problems such as settling disputes Which one is an example of such art?

a nkisi statue

How do you pronounce nkisi?

"Nkisi" is pronounced as en-kee-see.

Is statue an African word?

no statue is not an African word

Which African artwork to solve problems is an example of such art?

nksis statue

Can you get pregnant after touching African fertility statue your tubes are tied?


What is a nkisi n'kondi?

Nikondi are a subset of Nkisi. Nikisi is an object that a spirit inhabits. The Nikondi are an aggressive type, usually with nails in them to awaken the spirit, that find wrongdoers and punish them or cause or cure sickness. The Africans who came to America brought the concept with them. In time, the objects from Central Africa have been seen as pieces of art.

What city is the statue of the taino Indian spaniard and African slave in Puerto Rico located?

Dorado, Puerto rico

Who was the african-american inventor that developed a paint coating to help restore the statue of liberty?

___________________________________ was the arican American inventer that developed a pait coating to help restore the statue of liberty.

Where is the first Statue of Liberty?

Answer:Most people will automatically say that the first Statue of Liberty is in New York, however this is not the case. The first Statue of Liberty was created and placed in The Luxembourg Garden in Paris. This is a much smaller version of the statue and was created and perfected shortly before the creation of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The only true Statues of Liberty in the world among the hundreds are The Luxembourg Garden, New York Harbor and a third statue within close proximity to the Eiffel Tower________________________________________________________________The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by Paris. Yes the 1st statue was created in Paris it was a African woman with changes in her hand.