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You didn't give a list of options. The British had an empire which expanded across the globe, and the list would be a very long one of former British colonies. Ireland, Cyprus, Zimbabwe (nee Rhodesia), South Africa, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, the Sudan, Singapore, Canada, the United States, a good portion of the Caribbean, Australia... those are just a few.

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Hong Kong, and it was actually called a british posession, because there was already a city there, Great Britain just took it over.

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Q: An area that was once a british colony in China?
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Where was there once a british colony now governed by the peoples republic of china?

I think that you're thinking of Hong Kong, which was taken by British forces in 1841, and remained under British rule until 1997. It is now part of the People's Republic of China.

What was once a British penal colony?

New South Wales was once a British penal colony, as was Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania).

Was Singapore once a Dutch Colony?

No, in 1826 it became a British colony, part of the Straights Settlements.

What country once ruled Australia?

Australia was once a colony of Great Britain.

Was China ever been ruled by British?

China, as a country, was never ruled by the British. Part of present day China were once British colonies (Hong Kong).

Who controlled India during imperialism?

India was once a british colony(:

What nation once a british colony was called rhodesia the capital is harave?


What is the administrative region of china once a portuguese colony that lies on the pearl river delta?


What part did Singapore play in the British empire?

The foundation of Singapore breaks the monopoly and the Dutch are no longer the exclusive sovereigns of the eastern seas. Simply put: -To break Dutch monopoly -To protect British trade with China -To extend British influence

What country was once occupied by the UK and was a special administrative region?

Both Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China are cities and were never once countries. Hong Kongwas once a British Crown Colony until 1997 when authority was passed to the Chinese government. It is currently still a Special Administrative Region.

Why do bahamians celerbrate emancipation day?

because The Bahamas was once a British colony where the institution of slavery was practiced.

Last colony in America?

Once America declared independence from England all colonies were free from British rule.