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the spread of diseases from animals to humans.

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Q: An early problem in agricultural societies was?
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What is An early problem in agricultural societies?

the spread of disease from animals to humans

A major problem for most early agricultural societies was?

diseases were spread from livestock to humans.

What was an early problem in agricultural societies?

An early problem was Disease. Many people got things such as smallpox, and it passed around and killed a lot of people.

Which statement best explains how classical civilizations developed out of the first agricultural societies?

the improvement in productivity in early agricultural societies enabled more complex societies to develop

An early invention that helped raise food production in agricultural societies was .?


What did early agricultural societies begin with?

Early agricultural societies began with the domestication of plants and animals, transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle to settled farming communities. This shift allowed for a more reliable food supply, leading to the growth of populations and the development of more complex social structures.

Which group made the largest social class in early civilization?

Early civilisations were agricultural societies. Therefore, the largest social group was the peasantry.

What is Hunter-gatherer evolution into agricultural and industrial societies?

Hunter-gatherer societies evolved into agricultural societies around 12,000 years ago as people began to cultivate plants and domesticate animals for food. This shift allowed for settled communities to develop, leading to the rise of early civilizations. Industrial societies emerged in the 18th century with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, which introduced mechanization and mass production, transforming economies and societies.

What does not generally characterize pastoral societies?

economic independence from surrounding agricultural societies

How did the iron age effect early societys?

The Iron Age allowed early societies to advance technologically, leading to the development of better tools, weapons, and agricultural implements. This period also saw the rise of complex societies and increased trade networks due to the increased availability of iron. The use of iron played a significant role in shaping the social structures and economies of these early societies.

Which group made up the largest social class in early civilization?

the assyrian empire and yhe sumerian empire

Beginning in Eurasia two early innovations had a huge impact on agricultural societies. They allowed people to produce surplus food and in turn populations grew in size.?

The two early innovations that had a significant impact on agricultural societies in Eurasia were the domestication of plants and animals. This allowed for more efficient food production, resulting in surplus food that could sustain larger populations. The surplus food also facilitated the development of settled communities and complex societies.