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Let's imagine you, me, and another person decide to make bread.

If we all grow our own wheat, and then all mill our own wheat, and then all bake our own bread, each one of us is going to need land, farming equipment, a mill, baking facilities and a lot of different expertise.

Instead, you could only grow wheat, I could mill all the wheat, and the third person could do all the baking.

The advantage of this system is that we all get a lot better at the particular bit we're concentrating on, and we don't each need to have all the equipment, land and buildings.

For Novanet users a factory producing motors for a car


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Q: An example of division of labor is?
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Division of labor is a characteristic of?

An assembly line is an example of Division of Labor.

What is a consideration when determining the amount of specialized division of labor in a workplace?

For example, the degree of specialization and division of labor can be related to the size of the organization; typically, small and mid-sized employers are not able to cost justify specialized division of labor.

What is meant by social division of labor explain with the help of examples how social division of labor creates conditions for exchange?

Social division of labor is an aspect of division of labor. It shows the social structure of the technical division of tasks, between firms and workers, or between countries or towns, and focuses on exchange markets. A prime example is one where one town is better equipped for creating food, but another is better suited for creating clothes. As these two towns specialize through social division of labor, they find it beneficial to exchange.

Division of labor in a sentence?

Social class and drudgery date from the division of labor.

Use division of labor in a sentence?

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What would happen if there was no division of labor?

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How did division of labor change in the 1990s?

As a consequence of these changes, during the 1990s increased division of labor between firms was often accompanied by a reduction in the division of labor within firms.

What is a sentence for the word division of labor?

The assembly line utilized a division of labor approach, with each worker responsible for a specific task in the production process.

Division of labor results in?

The division of labor generally leads to specialization in any production line. Furthermore, division of labor increases the efficiency of production and makes the process faster.

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Industries which employ a division of labor are making effective use of what?

Industries which employ a division of labor are making effective use of what?

Why does division of labor lead to increased specialization?

The division of labor causes each worker to perform a different and unique task.