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In general, previous generation have transmitted their assorted wisdom to us by means of books. Other media are also available. While some people consult their ancestors through spiritualists or channelers, that is much less reliable than books.

A+ is "oracle bones"

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Passing down traditions and history through the process of story telling

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offerings to the gods

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Q: Ancestors provided guidance through
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What did the Africans believe about their ancestors?

Africans believed their ancestors were not really dead but were around them all the time and it is typical in many african homesteads to find shrines where the ancestors are worshipped even up to now like in Buganda Uganda. Ancestors would communicate to the living through varouis ways if calamity befell acertain community they would allerge to the fact that the ancestors were annoyed or ignored, appeasing woult take very many forms from music prayer even sacrificing. they believed they were not really dead They believed they were responsible for what happened in the spiritual realm they would consult them through mediums for advise through naming of their children the names of their ancestors they believed they were reincarnated good luck was attributted to pleasing of the ancestors

How can customs and practices of ancestors be promoted?

through Education: education helps build a person mind and self respect.

What was the goal aid provided through the marshall plan?

The goal of aid provided through the Marshall Plan was to decrease the appeal of communism in Western Europe.

Is the following not true concerning the flow of energy through an ecosystem?

Since "the following" was not provided in the question, it can be either true or false.

How did the French revolution of the 1789 impact the Catholic Church in France?

The French revolution was extremely hostile to the Catholic Church. They guillotined priests, nuns, and sisters by the hundreds, desecrated Churches, and destroyed priceless relics; leaving the common people bereft of spiritual guidance and solace.

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In Ancestors provided guidance through .?

oracle bonesA+

LostDamagedor destroyed tools should be accounted for through guidance provided in what reference?

Ar 735-5

What is the purpose of the oracle in things fall apart?

The purpose of the Oracle was to provide guidance to the villagers. The Oracle provided wisdom from the ages through its priestess whom it communicated through.

Distinguish between formal and informal guidance services?

Formal guidance services and informal guidance services are two different approaches to providing guidance and support to individuals. Here are the key differences between the two: Formal guidance services: Professional: Formal guidance services are usually provided by trained professionals, such as counselors or advisors, who have specialized knowledge and training in the field. Structured: These services follow a structured format, which is usually designed to help individuals achieve specific goals or outcomes. Organized: Formal guidance services are often organized by institutions, such as schools, universities, or government agencies, and are often funded by these organizations. Documented: The guidance provided through formal services is usually documented, with records kept of sessions and progress. Paid: Formal guidance services often require payment, either through direct fees or through indirect funding. Informal guidance services: Casual: Informal guidance services are usually provided by friends, family members, or acquaintances, rather than by trained professionals. Unstructured: These services are often unstructured and informal, with no set format or goals. Unorganized: Informal guidance services are not usually organized by institutions, and are not funded in the same way as formal services. Undocumented: Guidance provided through informal services is often not documented, with no records kept of sessions or progress. Free: Informal guidance services are usually provided for free, as a form of support or assistance from one person to another. Overall, formal guidance services are typically more professional, structured, and organized, while informal guidance services are more casual and free-form. Both types of guidance can be valuable depending on the situation, and may be used in combination to provide comprehensive support to individuals.

What is babagto in cordillera?

"Babagto" in Cordillera refers to a traditional practice of seeking guidance from elders or ancestors through divination rituals or ceremonies. It is a way of connecting with the spiritual realm to seek advice, healing, or solutions to problems.

What are the rituals and customs of the incas?

The Incas had many rituals and customs, such as worshipping their gods through offerings and sacrifices, celebrating important events with feasts and ceremonies, and conducting agricultural rituals to ensure good harvests. They also had a strong emphasis on honoring their ancestors and the spirits of nature through various rituals and ceremonies. Additionally, the Incas practiced mummification of their rulers and ancestors as a way to preserve their legacy and continue to receive guidance from them.

What are 10 differences between guidance and counseling?

What Is The Difference Between Guidance And Counselling? Both Guidance and Counseling are process used to solve problems of life. The basic difference is in the approach. In the process of guidance, the client's problems are listened carefully and ready made solutions are provided by the expert where as in the process of counseling the client's problems are discussed and relevant information are provided in-between. In the end of the counseling process, the client himself/herself have a insight to the problem and he/she become empowered to take own decision. Since ready made solutions (taking decision for others) were provided in guidance, the client may or may not follow it but most often decision taken in the process of counseling are followed sincerely. The set of decisions comes out from guidance and counseling process may be same but in the first process the decision is taken by the guide where as the client take own his/her own decisions in the late

Why is ancestor worship central to primal religion?

Ancestor worship is central to primal religions because ancestors are believed to have a connection with the living, providing guidance, protection, and blessings. Primal religions often emphasize the continuity between the living and the dead, viewing ancestors as guardians of traditions and cultural values. By honoring and respecting ancestors through rituals and offerings, primal believers seek harmony and balance in their lives.

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Siberian Huskys are related to Alaskan huskies through there ancestors. Just like they are related to all other dogs through there ancestors. The reason all dogs are related to each other is because they are all related to there ancestors the wolves

Family in which children trace ancestors through their mother?

matrilineal society

Family in which children trace ancestors through their father?

patrilineal society

What are the army Structured Self- Development level 1 Module 1 Exam answers?

Exam answers for the army structures self-development level 1 test are not provided through the internet. Answers are provided through the information provided through the course.