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most African nations still relied on the export of a _________ crop or resource.

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Q: Answers to glencoe world history worksheets?
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Try reading the book and the answers will be there.

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The 2010 Glencoe World History QuickPass code is GWH9815c? The question mark represents the chapter number, so if you are trying to read chapter 13, you replace the question mark with a 13.

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glencoe world literature book. glencoe world literature book.

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According to my history text book, which is Glencoe World History, Omar Khayyam is most famous for writing The 1001 Nights (also called The Arabian Nights)

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Who coined the term world literature

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"Descartes emphasized the importance of his own mind. He asserted that he would accept only those things that his reason were true." - GLENCOE WORLD HISTORY

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They were mad about Article 231, the so called War Guild clause, which declared Germany was responsible for starting World War I. Hope this helped! Sources: Glencoe World History book.