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Nope, they're considered either Americans or Puerto Ricans (As P.R. is an American Territory). Africans are in/from Africa.

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Q: Are Puerto Ricans considered African
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Why are there really dark Puerto Ricans?

Because some Puerto Ricans have a strong African blood line. They are Afro-Puerto Ricans.

What is the phobia of puerto ricans?

The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia" The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia"

Are Puerto Ricans considered American?

Yes because the US owns Puerto Rico. But Puerto Ricans would refer to themselves as Puerto Ricans more than American, just like English would consider them more English than British.

Why arent puerto ricans living in the us considered immigrants?

For the same reason that some one from New York who moves to California is not Considered an immigrant. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Puerto Ricans are US citizens by birth since 1917.

Why ARENt puerto ricans living in the US cosidered immigrants?

If you were asking "Are Puerto Ricans illegal aliens?" that would be a yes AND no answer. Puerto Ricans are considered immigrants because Puerto Rico is not part of the United States (its not one of our 50 states), but it is US territory (we protect them and stuff). :) hope this helped you :)

What are similarities and differences with African Americans and puerto ricans?

Similarities: Both humans Difference: Different race, language, lighter skin and darker skin, puerto ricans are US citizens

Do puerto ricans get medicare or medicade?

do puerto ricans get medicade

Who dick is bigger dominicans or puerto ricans?

Puerto ricans

When was Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party created?

Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party was created in 2003.

Which group migrated north largely to New York city where a unique immigrant community?

puerto ricans

What are people from Puerto Rico called?

You may call them 'Puerto Ricans' or 'Americans'.

What is Fabolous's nationality?

fabolous is African American and dominican for sure im not sure about if he is puerto rican but iknow he has alot of puerto ricans Fabolous is of African American and Dominican decent