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yes it is

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Q: Are a regions main roads related to its physical features?
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Is a regions main roads related to a physical feature?

Yes, it is.

What are the physical features in Manchester?

mountains, resarvoirs,roads etc

What physical features do many of the cities have in common?

The physical features that many cities have in common include flat lands with many buildings. The roads are paved and there are less plants and trees around.

What kind of map Mexico?

There are many types: physical/geographical, bathymetric, roads and railroads, climatic regions, natural resources.

What are some of the physical and human-made features that map symbols can represent?


Why is it bad having a physical features map?

A physical features map shows the physical features of the area. Physical features are things like mountains, hills, rivers, oceans etc. There are good things to have on a map. You can get other kinds of maps that only show roads and their names. Other maps show vegetation, or climate, or where different soils are. So a physical features map is not bad, it's good. Especially if you want to know where the mountains and rivers are.

What does physical and human features of a town mean?

Physical features of a town refer to its natural characteristics like terrain, vegetation, and bodies of water. Human features encompass the built environment, such as buildings, roads, parks, and infrastructure created by people. Together, these features shape the overall appearance and function of a town.

Examples of Place Human and Physical Features?

Human features of a place may include buildings, roads, and cultural landmarks such as monuments or museums. Physical features include natural elements like bodies of water, mountains, forests, and climate. Examples of physical features include rivers, valleys, beaches, and deserts. Human features can include cities, towns, roads, bridges, and buildings.

What are roads in hilly regions called?

Roads in hilly regions are sometimes called switchbacks. These are roads that sort of meander back and forth to allow for slower rates of climb and descent on hilly areas.

What is the difference between the physical features of a place and the human features of a place?

Physical features refer to natural characteristics such as mountains, rivers, and climate, while human features encompass elements shaped by human activity like buildings, roads, and cultural practices. Physical features are innate to the landscape, while human features are constructed or influenced by human interaction.

What kind of information would you learn from reading a road map?

Distances and where the roads go. American road maps tend not to show physical features such as mountains.

Which type of map might show the roads or resources of an area area?

a physical map would help you find land features like mountains or rivers. A political map would show major roads and cities and capitols.