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The Irish and Scottish are Celtic, not Anglo-Saxon. They are linguistically and culturally Celtic but are related to the Anglo-Saxons because they all derive from the same Indo European people.

The Irish and Scottish have a heavy Genetic relation to Anglo-saxons due to the settlements in Ireland and Scotland

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Q: Are the Irish and Scottish Anglo-Saxon?
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What is an Irish and Scottish person is that English?

An Irish person is someone born in Ireland - or a person born in another country who becomes a naturalized Irish citizen. The same rules apply to people born in Scotland or England (or naturalized). English, Scottish and Irish (Northern Ireland, not the Republic of Ireland which is in the southern part of Ireland) people are British since the three countries (plus Wales) make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What country did the last name workman come from?

This surname Workman is an English surname and a Scottish and Irish surname. It is a name for a laborer, a work man.There are also Germans who bear this surname Workman, variants include Workmann, perhaps it is an Americanized form of a German surname, or perhaps it is of same derivative as the English/Scottish/Irish Workman.For more information, see related links below.

How were British and Canadian citizens affected whan Great Britain took control of Canada?

When Britain took control of all of Canada in 1759-60 the British living in the area were positively affected. The many British, Scottish, Irish living elsewhere in Canada did not have to worry as much about French attacks. Those living in what is today Southern Ontario and Quebec were most positively affected.

What is Nina from the 1800's?

NINA signs were are form of discrimination against Irish Catholics. They were posted in London and meant 'No Irish Need Apply'

What did Scottish bring to Australia?

The Scottish brought experience with the construction of corn mills and other engineering feats. They also brought commercial and links between Scotland and Australia along with skilled workers like bricklayers and stonemasons.