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The answer is yes. Joan of Arc does have living relatives. Through my ancestry and others by Jacques Jacquemin D Arc,whose mother was Isabelle Romee De Voutron, who was the mother of Jeanne Sybille D Arc, aka Joan of Arc, she does have living relatives.

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Q: Are there any living relatives of Joan of Arc?
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Did Joan of Arc have any babies?

No. Joan of Arc died a virgin.

Did Joan of Arc have any education?

Joan of Arc had no education and could neither read nor write.

Was Joan of Arc suffering with any disease?

No, Joan was suffering from no disease.

How many kids did Joan of Arc have?

Joan neither married nor had any children.

Did Joan of arc ever kill any body in her battles?


What disorders did joan of arc have?

She didn't have any mental disorders.

Was Joan of Arc in any clubs?

No. When she was alive in the 1400's there were no "clubs".

Did Saint Joan of Arc have any military training?

No, Joan had no training of any kind. She could not read nor write and had no combat training or experience.

Where did Joan of Arc go to school?

No, Joan of Arc had no education and could neither read nor write.

Does God believe that magic is good because of Joan of Arc?

Nobody knows with any real clarity what God believes, but if God were to have any opinion on magic, Joan of Arc would be irrelevant to that belief. Joan of Arc, if she is to be believed, had acts of prophecy and communication with God. She did not perform magic or illusions are such terms are commonly understood. While it could be reasonable to conclude that God supported Joan of Arc's opinions if He communicated with her and supported her, since she did not perform magic or prohibit magic, her views and actions would not seem to evince any Divine opinion on the subject.

Did Joan of Arc get any awards?

Her family was awarded nobility by King Charles VII. It is thought that this is when the title d'Arc (of Arc) was given to the family.

Are there any fictional stories about Joan of Arc?

There are many but, perhaps, the best and best known was written by Mark Twain, titled Joan of Arc. It is a fictional novel but based on facts. Twain had a personal fascination with this saint.