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Actually, yes! there are black princesses in Europe! Princess Angela (formerly Angela Brown), from New York City, married a prince from Liechtenstein. They have one son, Alfons. The princely family of Liechtenstein is said to be one of the wealthiest in Europe. There is also another African princess married to a European royal, but I can't remember his name now. They live in Africa. You can check the royal boards (the or for more info.

Also, Prince Albert of Monaco has two half-black children. They do not have a claim to the throne as they are from a non-marriage union; but they are his children and live in California.

There are women with tradiationally minority centered backgrounds who date/marry European princes. Princess Benedikte of Denmark's son is dating a half-Mexican woman whom he cannot marry because of his father's will that prohibits him to marry any non-Aryan, Protestant woman.

Read more US history as well. The US doesn't have royalty, but has many well-to-do and wealthy black families that are not talked about.

Hope this helps!

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Q: Are there black princess in European royalty?
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