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In Canada a landed immigrant has permanent resident status. Until they achieve that status they are not landed.

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Q: Are you already a landed immigrant of Canada?
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What is an immigrant called before is citizen?

Landed Immigrant then Permenant Resident

What explorer landed Canada?

Which explorer landed on Canada

Do Canadians have to return to Canada every 6 months?

A Canadian citizen can spend any amount of time outside Canada without losing Canadian citizenship, but a Landed Immigrant will lose that status if he or she spends more than 6 months outside of Canada.

Did early explorers first come to Atlantic Canada?

When the Vikings landed in Canada, the Dorset people had already left that area. There were some people that the Vikings called Skraelingar.

Is Taylor Lautner a immigrant?

Taylor Lautner is from Canada, although he is not an illegal immigrant.

Can an illegal immigrant in Canada come to the us?


Can you use immigrant in a sentence?

I became an immigrant when i crossed the Canada border over to the U.S. border.

When did the mayflower reach Canada?

THE ANSWER BELOW IS WRONG: The Mayflower never landed in Canada. It landed on the Massachusetts coast where Plymouth was built in 1620.

To work in Canada do you have to get a degree from a Canada College?

No, obtaining a degree from a Canadian college is not a strict requirement to work in Canada. While having a Canadian degree can be beneficial for some professions or immigration pathways, there are various work permits and visa options available for individuals with qualifications and experience from other countries.

Can the mother of a Canadian citizen become Canadian?

She would have to take the test. *This is similar to when people want to go to America, how they take a test* . My mom is American, but she's lived in Canada so long that she's just considered a landed immigrant.

Where do you report an illegal worker in Canada?

The person working will have a work permit or landed immigrant papers this is up tho his employer to see it, otherwise it really is no one's business, which brings into question, how does one really know whether the person is illegal or not?/

When did Fijians immigrant to Canada?

Fijians started moving to Canada in large numbers in 1962-3.