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APEX: Cattle and pigs were found only in Europe

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Cattle and pigs were found only in Europe

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Q: Ask us anythingIndigenous peoples in the Americas had never eaten pork or beef before contact with European explorers. Which of the following accurately explains why they had not done so?
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What specific European counties sent explorers to the Americas?

Some specific European countries that sent explorers to the Americas include Spain, Portugal, England, France, and the Netherlands. These explorers were instrumental in the colonization and expansion of European powers in the Americas.

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how did spanish explorers change the live in americas

When did first nations interact with European explorers?

First Nations people began interacting with European explorers after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The interactions increased as more European expeditions reached the Americas in the following centuries.

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gold and spices

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European explorers brought diseases, technology, livestock, crops, and cultural influences to the Americas. They also established trade networks and new political systems that significantly impacted the indigenous populations of the Americas.

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What invention aided in the discovery of the Americas?

The invention of the compass greatly aided in the discovery of the Americas. It allowed sailors to accurately navigate and maintain their course, even when they were out of sight of land. This technology played a crucial role in the voyages of explorers like Christopher Columbus, who used the compass to navigate across the Atlantic Ocean.