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Anglicize India.

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Q: British colonists in India were given a mandate by Britain to?
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Who sent French troops to Mexico?

I believe it was the British who were driven out of India. India had, I believe, a British mandate that India would someday self govern. India revolted against the British which excelerated the mandate.................................

Why did Britain benefit from the sugar act?

the act made colonists buy tea from only one company, the british east India company and as you can guess they owned it

Who is the head of the government in British India?

Britain gave India its independence in 1948, so there is now no British India.

What nation once ruled India?

The British granted independence to India on 15th August 1947.

Who controlled the government of India for almost 100 years?

the British East India Company

Which company was allowed to sell tea the colonists at very low prices?

British East India Company

Which foreign power ruled the India after independence?


What did Boston reimburse Great Britain for in July 4 1976?

Boston reimbursed Great Britain for the crates of tea destroyed by the American Colonists in a protest against the British government on December 16, 1773. This event is known as the Boston Tea Party. The tea belonged to the British East India Company.

What were the disadvantages of the British coming to India?

Britain is now inundated with Indians

What good things did Britain do to India after the british empire?

Pies and Tortoises.

Was India victorious or Britain?

after Britain took control the only empire left was mughals who later on declined and India was left helples with no military inforcement and Britain took over India with the british crowned victorious.

Did Britain ever have an emperor?

Yes and No. In 1877, after about 16 years of British rule of India, the British Government decided to recognize Queen Victoria as Empress of India. Our Kings kept that title until soon after India became independent in 1948. So, although the Monarchs were not Emperor of Britain, they were King of Britain and Emperor of India.