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Cecil Calvert intended for Maryland to be a refuge where English Roman Catholics could live without religious persecution. He established this colony in 1634. Cecil Calvert's title was Second Lord Baltimore.

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He wanted it to be a refuge for catholics

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refuge for Catholics.

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Q: Calvert intended for Maryland to be a?
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Who was Maryland's first proprietor?

Celcilius Calvert

The Maryland colony was founded to establish a religious refuge for persecuted English Quakers?

Yes, the Calvert family intended to offer a religious refuge to Catholics in the colony of Maryland.

Why did George Calvert establish Maryland?

It was intended to be a haven for the English Catholic minority and a place to create wealth. George Calvert the first Lord Baltimore applied for the charter but died before it was granted to his son.

What colony's did the Calvert's found?

Maryland Maryland

Who were the founders of Maryland?

The founders of Maryland are John Smith, King Charles I, LordGoerge Calvert, Calvert, and the Native Americans.

Which colony was founded by the Calvert family?

Maryland was founded by Catholic proprietors on land given to Cecillius Calvert.

What was the last name of the men who were the proprietors of Maryland?

cecileus calvert

Was Celcilius Calvert a Catholic?

Yes, the founder of Maryland was a Catholic.

Who was Cecilus Calvert?

Also known as Lord Baltimore, Cecilius Calvert founded a colony that was origionally intended to be a refuge for English Catholics. He named it Maryland in honor of England's Queen, Henrietta Maria. He never visited this colony though.

What did Cecilius Calvert do?

He was the propritor of Maryland.

Which colony was founded for Catholics?

Maryland was founded by Lord Calvert for Catholics.

Is it true that Calvert hoped to make Georgia a refuge for Catholics?

No, you are thinking of Maryland, from Eduplace: Maryland began in 1632 when King Charles I gave land to a Catholic named Cecilius Calvert. Calvert wanted Maryland to be a refuge for Catholics.