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Q: Can a british citizen buy property in India?
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Can a nepali citizen buy a property in India?


Can a citizen of India buy a property in US?

Yes. Much of the real property in the United States is owned by non-citizens.

Can one buy property in Bangladesh without being a citizen?

Canadian can buy property in Bangladesh?

You are from India now you are Candadian citizen can you buy clothes in India now?

my answer is yes, because once you are a Canadian citizen you are still a person born in India so you can still go back to India to buy cloths there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you foreigner buy property and life in US?

I don't know about buying life, but you don't have to be a citizen to buy property.

Which countries can a uk citizen go and live and to buy property without visa?

Spain is one of the countries that UK citizen can go and live and buy property without visa.

Can a US citizen buy property with land in Bulgaria?

They can't buy arable lands.

Can a uk citizen buy any property and live in the other countries of europe without visa and permit?

Yes. It is possible for a UK citizen to buy property and live in the other countries of Europe such as Spain without visa and permit.

What visa is required for non citizen of US to buy a property in US?

No visa is required to buy property but to enter the US, you would need at least a b-2 visitors visa.

Can foreigner buy land in Philippines?

No, if he or she is not married to a Filipino citizen, but if he or she is married to a Filipino that person can buy a property but it will be under his or her wife's/ husband's surname.

Is only a resident of himachal pradesh allowed to buy a residential property in himachal pradesh in India?

Yes only himachali can buy, sell or resell property in himachal and you should be thankful.

Why did the british east India company had a surplus of tea?

It had a surplus of tea because the colonists wouldn't buy from them, for they did not appreciate the British taxing them on anything.