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no i believe it can not.

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Q: Can food technology be traced back through history?
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Somalia has a history that can be traced back to what year?


Name the oldest city in the world?

Damascus, history traced back to 9000BC

Why can the history of pardoning a turkey be traced back to Tad Lincoln?

can you answer it cause i can't

When was the Loch Ness built?

The first history of it traced back to the 6th Century

Where were the world's diamonds found from before the 1700s?

Several diamonds have been traced back in history -- pre-1700s -- to India. Notably, the history of the Kor-i-Noor diamond can be traced back to the 13th century to the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

How long can papal history go back in time?

The history of the papacy can be traced back to Saint Peter about the year AD33 when Our Lord appointed him as head of the Church.

What is the oldest bible in history?

it is a manuscript of the book of John and it was traced back as early in 150 A.D.

History of rockets can be traced back to the firecrackers in eastern for ages rockets are now advanced enough to go beyond the solar system which kind of research has made this possible?

Practical use of scientific information of pure and applied research can be named technology. So, research and advancements in rockets is technology.

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The Plymouth Brethren movement is a conservative movement with an Evangelical Christian history. This history can be traced back to Dublin, Ireland, in the 1820s.

When exactly was surfing started?

The earliest evidence of surfing history can be traced back to 12th century Polynesia. :) Was that helpful?

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The word paradise has a high degree of different origins and can be traced back to early texts written in Latin as well as Greek and French influences throughout history.

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The practice of shiatsu can be traced back to China.