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Q: Can you determine exact dates for the history of earths history by rock layers?
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Can the principles of relative dating be used to determine the date a rock layer was deposited?

Yes, if you know the dates of deposit of the layers above and below.

What is a Method in which a scientist could use fossils to determine the age of the soil in which the fossils were found?

There are several ways of identifying the age of fossils.Stratigraphic MethodLiterally counting the layers or strata of the rock. If you can determine the age of one layer then on most occasions you can count the number of layers down.Also connected with stratification is Magnetic Stratigraphy. It is thought that Earths magnetic field reverses every 300,000 years (although it is estimated this last happened 780,000 years ago). When certain sedimentary and volcanic layers are laid down elements in the rock align with Earths magnetic field. As you go down the layers of rock you can measure which way the elements are aligned and thus determine the age.Radiometric MethodCertain radioactive elements can be used to date fossils. Volcanic rock has no lead when it is laid down. However it does contain Uranium. If you compare the ration between U-235 and Pb-207 accurate dates can be determined. Also important is potassium and argon. Ratio's between K-40 and Ar-40 can determine the age of the fossil.If the fossil is very young (less than 60,000 years) Carbon 14 can also be used. So called carbon dating.Index MethodCertain animals and plants were wide spread on earth. We also through other methods have determined accurate dates for these index fossils. If you find an index fossil in the same layer as a fossil you can tell the age.

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Can you find the absolute age of sedimentary rock layers?

Sometimes. The sediments themselves cannot be dated by radiometric methods, because the radiometric dates will reflect the original formation of the rocks from which the sediments were derived. But the sedimentary rocks may contain datable material, such a fossils of a characteristic form, or there may be a datable layer of volcanic material above or between sedimentary layers. Also, it is sometimes possible to determine the age of rocks by comparing the alignment of magnetic mineral grains within them with the history of magnetic pole reversals.

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my nan

Who made dates in history com?

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